I Come From A Land Down Under

So you’re getting ready to go to work, and all of a sudden WHOOPS look who comes wobblin’ THROUGH THE FRONT DOOR.

Welcome to the world of Alicia A. in Adelaide Hills, South Australia. Oh, but she’s not done yet. She had a backyard visitor too, who was anxious to get his drink on. And drink he did.

And drink.

And drink.


Story from DP&F who found it here. Title from Men At Work.



  1. That’s so neat! The little kiss!! Adorable. I love that they have constructed a water station for the little guy.

  2. No fair! It’s dry and hot here too and I’m getting ready to go to work. Where’s my koala?

  3. zolabunny says:

    This always worries me, they don’t normally do that kind of thing so I hope he’s not sick

  4. that is IT! I’m packing my bags and moving down under

  5. Koalas do come down looking for water when the weather is particularly hot and dry, as was apparently the case when these cuties made their respective appearances.

  6. The water station is the best. We put out bird baths, why not a Koala water station?!

    In fact, I am gonna put out a Koala Water Station™ in my back yard to attract Koalas. My living in Northern New England might be a factor here but let’s wait and see, just in case.

  7. What the heck, Australia?? Where’s my koala?

    I avoid you because you have 5286034 things that would try to kill me out there, but then you bring in the koalas. Totally unfair.

  8. Catwhisperer says:

    If this happened to me when I was getting ready to go to work, I’d call in sick (or ded).

  9. I didn’t think Koalas drank water, getting all the moisture they needed from eucalyptus leaves.

  10. Nice to see koalas carrying on the Aussie tradition of enjoying a drinkie with their mates down at the local roadhouse, er, fence.

  11. Bettymouse says:

    I’ve booked a charter plane to Australia. Who else is in?

  12. yolanda says:

    How do you resist making the lovely little teddy bears members of your household? I could see how that koala really thought it’d be neat if they left a window open, let him hang out on the curtains above cushions, and leave out a nice juicy dish of water and maybe some apples. he was ready to move in and I don’t know HOW she said no! (good girl, you do love them!)

  13. Just about all creatures have to drink water, dude.

  14. Unfortunately, koalas don’t come looking for water in Arizona. We do have javalinas, bobcats, hawks and other creatures with lots of sharp bits that come looking for water.

  15. No koalas looking for water in Finland either. Granted, it’s neither hot nor dry in here, so that can be the problem.

  16. Where are you starting from? Can you make a stop in Montreal and pick me up?

  17. No koala in Canada 😦
    We have racoons; they are cute, but they have pointy bits don’t you know.
    Also the possibility of rabies is a deterrent to cuddling.

  18. OMG the cutnesss… also public service announcement. please to leave a bowl of water out in your yard for thirsty wild visitors in your yard.. especially those of us living in the dry areas. We keep a bowl near the house and then we also have the water out in the pasture. we get lots of visitors to the bowl by the house as well as the pasture water.

  19. EH, could you swing by Atlanta on your way, too?

  20. After viewing these vids, the contents of my brain now resemble koala ear fuzz.

  21. Poor thing was so embarrassed after falling from the curtains, he ran out.

    His ignoring of the water and checking out the house made me think he just wanted a quick tour to get some remodeling ideas for his home.

  22. Lerrinus says:

    Don’t forget Toronto!

  23. 6rabbits says:

    Koalas do drink very little water, getting most of their moisture needs from eucalyptus leaves, but in a drought situation, I presume the leaves are pretty dried out, thus the search for other sources.

  24. lol. You might get squirrels and other birds in there jnyjny…but if you get a koala…crikey you figured it out 🙂

  25. my god….the cuteness. If koalas are to Australia as squirrels are to us here in the U.S., I’m moving.

  26. Guess we always just got Dugites and Brown snakes in our neck of the woods in Perth, no fluffy, thirsty Walas 😦

  27. Mommyduck says:

    Bettymouse…I’m in too! Please make a stop in Washington State on your way! BTW, my darling hubby took me to Australia for my 50th birthday, and I got to hug and kiss koalas! It was beyond heavenly!

  28. phred's mom says:

    …and Philly, too!

  29. Let me know if it works! I’m in the Pacific Northwest, but if it works in New England, it just might work here. Great videos, and I am insanely jealous of these people!

  30. See, this is what I’m thinking….I live ON the sea coast and Australia is IN the ocean. It’s like we’re right next to each other. This could work!

  31. SoCratesX53 says:

    …and Grand Rapids, MI…

  32. OH MY GOSH **thanking the Source for Critters so incredibly cute***(and for the Hoomins who are good to them)

  33. Valerie B says:

    I want a koala! I’m looking all over outside for one but I guess thy aren’t migrating to Pennsylvania yet….

  34. Leilani says:

    Me, too! I don’t think my boss would believe me if I called in and said, “Uh, Marj? I’m going to be late–a koala just walked in my house, and I don’t dare leave it unattended.”

  35. Leilani says:

    The lady did say the gum trees were drying out. Poor koalas.

  36. I have a question for anyone who’s kissed a koala: Since all they eat is eucalyptus, does their breath smell like cough drops?

  37. JenDeyan says:

    Koalas are cute and it would be simply awesome to have one just waltz in through the front door BUT GIANT SPIDERS that try to hang out in your house are enough of a deterrent for me to stay away from Austraila.

  38. You can look outside all you want, but don’t look on the internet!*

    *Because you might find someone who will sell you one 😦

  39. Cute now. But wait three months when he’s copied your house key and he’s going through your refrigerator for Cristal.

  40. 6rabbits says:

    The Nat Geo site says ALL of a koala smells like cough drops, sooo…

  41. 6rabbits says:

    Giant spiders are my first reason for avoiding the tropics, closely followed by mammoth insects and stultifying humidity!

  42. I thought the same thing; when the one in the first video refused water, I was so confident in my knowledge that I wondered how an Aussie could fail to know that koalas get all the water they need from eating leaves. Then the one in the backyard showed how little I know.

    That watering station is the most kludged-together thing I’ve ever seen. Obviously the bloke with the beer put that together; no woman would ever do such a thing. It belongs on the There, I Fixed It site (as well as here; not instead of here). But it works!

  43. I’m in – and if you travel in an easterly direction – little old England is right on your way. I am close to Liverpool

  44. …and I’m waiting in Szczecin, Poland, kind of east from Liverpool 🙂

  45. Katherine says:


  46. Katherine says:

    Agreed. I enjoyed the clinky of the beer glass against the water bowl. That is water in there, right? 😉

  47. Katherine says:

    And some nice AC. Wearing a fur coat year-round in Australia must be dreadful!

  48. You must stop in Houston, Texas and pick up my daughter and I.

  49. so if you are in Australia and have a bit of congestion – just grab a koala and snorgle until the said affliction vanishes. Sounds good to me.

  50. That sounds so much better than Vapor Rub!! Next time I have a cold I’m sending hubby to the pharmacy for a koala!

  51. Lenora Ziobro says:

    Can you pick me up too?I am in the gulf of mexico,Carrabelle Florida.I lub koalas,and eucalyptus and fuzzy fur!

  52. Bettymouse says:

    This is gonna be a long flight! But we’ll all get there and be snorglin’ koalas in no time.

  53. They smell like Eucalyptus oil, their poops also smell like Eucalyptus oil/Vapor Rub.

  54. The best calling in sick excuse ever…”a koala just walked into my house.

  55. emmberrann says:

    Don’t forget Columbus, OH!

  56. This koala was friendly. They do have sharp claws though. And unfortunately they get chlamydia and have urinary problems. They have fertility problems, so not as common as, say, kangaroos.

  57. God arks says:

    It always amazes me when people are scared of animals. Most people in Australia live in urban environs and you are much more likely to be in a car accident than attacked or bitten by a wild animal. The risk is probably the same as being bitten by rattlesnake or a rabid or plague carrying animal in the US. in fact the risk is probably lower, since population density is much lower in Australia. We only just got rabies here (being an isolated island has its advantages). If you leave animals alone and don’t go poking under things outdoors, you’re pretty safe. Of course if you walk in long grass in summertime without decent boots on you risk snake bite, although if you’re in the city or suburbs you are probably OK as wildlife avoids humans where possible.