Name That Tune!

This little cockatiel can. (It’s “My Neighbor Totoro.”) Not only can he name it, he can sing it! Take it away, little buddy.

Submitted by many a Cuteporter.


  1. Yay! *sings along with the beautiful boid* To-toro, To-to-ro! To-toro, To-to-Ro!
    I LOVE this movie, and now I LOOOOOVE this birdie. So sweet! Tweet, tweet!

  2. Well dang if that isn’t just the sweetest little thing ever… Omigerd!! And now I totes can’t get that tune outta my head, but WHY WOULD I WANT TO? I’ll be smiling all day!

  3. Adorable! I love how it’s really a duet!

  4. And the bird seems so happy! Sigh.

  5. This is all sorts of awesome that I can barely process.

  6. Melissa says:

    Agreed, my brain is fried.

  7. Absolutely no idea why I am crying my eyes out over something so awesome, but I am!

  8. Hello Katie says:

    I’m so glad you said that…I burst into tears at the first chorus of “To-to-ro!” and couldn’t explain why…that must be why it’s called Cute *Overload*.

  9. Rachael says:

    I got all misty myself. There is something so sweet and innocent about his little face.

  10. Blue Footed Booby says:

    I had a cockatiel growing up. My parents decided he was lonely so they got him a friend, another male. Suddenly there were three cockatiels, so someone somewhere made a mistake.

    Anyway, my dad was Army. To mess with him, his friends taught our bird the Marine Corps Hymn and Anchors Aweigh. Birdy looooved the former but he’d always get stuck in the repeating pattern in the beginning. He was a tough little guy, lived a long time.

    Imagine “doo doo doooooo doo doo dooooo doo doo doooooo” looped ad nauseum for 14 years.

  11. Did you, by any chance, grow up in Hell?

  12. Janet in Cambridge says:

    I am totally in LUV.

  13. OMG piano accompaniment…. I am sitting here in amazement. That truly is the CUTEST Thing ever.

  14. Okay I keep coming back to CO to rewatch this vid… is that weird? This bird really cheers me up though!

  15. Janet in Cambridge says:

    It can’t be weird. I’ve listened to this little guy a dozen times already and I don’t think I’m done.

  16. Bird’s got good taste in Anime !

  17. I know this isn’t the original BUT I love this version !…….

  18. This is Tonari no Totoro :P Stubborn me dun like the English.

  19. Every time I play this, my cat trained to come to a whistle perks up. It’s a legit whistle.

  20. This made me go SQUEEEEEEEEEEE so hard! :D

  21. What a talent!!! My little cockatiel could never remember more than the first few notes of a song. But she was the cuddliest sweetest thing, so I didn’t mind. And if La La Love You by the Pixies came on she would get excited and wolf whistle along with them.
    Also my doves loved to whoo-whoo along with Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones.

  22. If I had a bird that loved The Pixies, it would die of exhaustion.

  23. tenshihitomi says:

    Ah Totoro, my favorite Miyazaki movie!

  24. This is the best bird video so far.

  25. I just watched that movie the other night! Hearing this bird whistling it so perfectly gives me a silly grin.

  26. Deborah Kogan says:

    Thank you for sharing! So sweet!


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