Ladybug. Playing. With. Sprinkles.

Kinda looks like she’s playing soccer or sumthin.’

Submitted by Bardlover1.



  1. So cute! I wonder if she was trying to grab them and lick the sugar.

  2. orcgirl says:

    Poor ladybug is being vexed most heinously by those food pellets that just won’t stay still! I’m like that when I have sprinkles on cupcakes.

  3. Don’t think I’ve ever seen a ladybug move that much. She was probably having a sugar rush. So cute.

  4. rescue gal says:


  5. The Original Jane says:

    Can’t.get.a.grip…or a bite. ehn

  6. petless in Puddletown says:

    Yesh! Shame it’s too late to re-name our women’s MLS team.

  7. petless in Puddletown says:

    If you want to know who licked the sprinkles off all the frosting on all the cupcakes in the Mod Lounge, it was moi.

  8. You beat me, I was thinking:

  9. clownsharon says:

    It’s actually an Asian Lady Beetle, which is an invasive species.

  10. 6rabbits says:

    1. Most original video of a ladybug!
    2. When you are done watching this video please notice the other selections available. You MUST watch the 2 rat videos–“Why you should have two or more rats” and ” 15 rat tricks.” Both are worthy of their very own entry here on CO! 🙂
    [ hint, hint ]

  11. 6rabbits says:

    Title Correction–“Pet rats–Why it’s important to have two or more” and the tricks one comes up after that one.

  12. Oceanview says:

    Thanks so much for the recommendation! As for “15 rat tricks”, I’d love to have a rat doing my laundry, but it was the teddy bear rescue that really made me laugh. What as sweet, intelligent rat.

  13. Oceanview says:

    She’s like a sugar seeking missile. I kept rooting for her to finally capture and enjoy one.

  14. Now for me i kept thinking Pacman… As to rats they make wonderful pets.

  15. Rachael says:

    First of all, love the lady bug! I’ve never rooted for a lady bug for any reason but I will from now on.

    Looooved the rat videos! I had no idea they were so intelligent and, well, cuddly.

  16. That is truly original, a ladybug… with sprinkles. Never imagined that one!! very cute!

  17. kodalai says:

    Wow! The rat tricks one was amazing! LOVE the teddy bear and nurse ones.

  18. Fastest moving ladybug I have ever seen.

    Deep inside though I keep hearing the voice of Denis Leary saying “So just because I’m a ladybug automatically makes me a girl!”

  19. Oh sure! Blame it on us Asian Ladies. The government declares them a beneficial insect

  20. Alice Shortcake says:

    My submeeshon was chosen! HUZZAH!

    *Rips off business suit to reveal Bardlover1 costume*

  21. Is that one of those “soccer moms”, I hear about?

  22. GASP! It was YOU, all along?!

  23. Ladybug looks like a Roomba.

  24. Tracy G says:

    Bugs just wanna have fun….

  25. tenshihitomi says:

    Ladybugs are one of the only insects I find cute. Y’know, until they pee on you.

  26. 6rabbits says:

    That girl is an EXCELLENT trainer–so creative to think of the teddy bear trick!

  27. Because the Gov’t is never wrong….

  28. WoolyBully says:

    They are a huge benefit in many places and pretty to boot! In the places where they tend to be over-populous, there are predators that usually catch up, nom them, and curtail the over population. For that reason, they are usually considered a welcome visitor. Especially in my garden.

  29. These aphids walk funny. 😐

  30. She would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids.

  31. I’ve seen many names for them: Chinese ladybugs, harlequin ladybirds, even Japanese attack beetles. I had no qualms about crushing them when they invaded my dorm and occasionally bit me.

  32. It DOES move like a robot!