Kittehs In The Kitchen

Feenix the Kitteh steps right up and wants to know what’s on the menu. Photo from Nancy M.


Jessica K.: “While I was away at a conference I hired Ralphie the Bengal Cat to keep an eye on my husband. I knew his cover was blown when Jeremy texted me this photo. Ralphie had been posing as Mrs. Butterworth next to the pancakes. Either that or a bottle of Jack. Ralphie’s namesake is the younger brother in “A Christmas Story.”




  1. Nothing edible is sacred around our
    snow bengal, Sid either! Name comes from kids book, “Six Dinner Sid”. Voila!

  2. Cynthia M says:

    I have a Bengal named Sashi (means “moon” in Hindi). She is a diva!

  3. Tell Feenix, along with Marmalade, it looks like you get couch potato on the side.

  4. Malibu “Rum” and Hungry jack…cornerstones of a nutritious diet! 🙂

  5. Kathy D says:

    Isn’t Randy the younger brother?

  6. My first cat used to be the first one to take a seat at the dinner table during meal time..much to my mom’s consternation. She would always add the cat was more obedient than us.

  7. Once A Fish says:

    I do believe you are right, ma’am.

    “Daddy’s gonna kill Ralphie!” “No, I don’t think your father is going to KILL Ralphie.”

  8. Yes, Ralphie is the older brother and main character. Randy is the younger brother who says, “I can’t put my arms down!!”

    And maybe everybody else already knew this, but I just discovered–when I went to to doublecheck the above facts–that Peter Billingsley, who played Ralphie, grew up to be a MAJOR HOTTIE.

  9. “Excuse me? Are you my waitress?”

  10. tenshihitomi says:

    OMG, I love how teeny the first kitty looks in that chair. XD Really shows the scale of things.

  11. Saffron says:

    Waiter there is a cat hair in my soup!

  12. mindadale says:

    My thoughts exactly! Everything you need right there. I don’t usually store the kitteh in such close proximity. Maybe I should consider it. Seems handy to have all your basic necessities in one place.

  13. CoffeeCup says:

    I love the teeny tabbee paws on the table. That just brings it home.

  14. Catwhisperer says:

    What’s on the menu? Anything you want, Feenix. Anything you want.

  15. Smartypants says:

    I love Ralphie’s expression – “Omigosh, what are you doing? I’m telling!”

  16. 😆 I would just LOVE to see a picture of that if it is possible, sugitomo 😆

  17. How about tuna in a glass bowl with kitteh milk in another glass bowl, Feenix 😀

  18. Miss Kitty says:

    Waiter! There is a cat hair in my EVERYTHING!

  19. Sadly, he now enjoys his meals over the rainbow bridge, and this was before the days digital cameras and smart phones were ubiquitous. Just had to add – he never got a place setting at the table, but that didn’t stop him from joining us on the empty chair every night.

  20. AWW 😥 I am so sorry to hear about that dear sweet kitty’s passing, sugitomo 😥 Sounds like he was very well loved 😥