THIS JUST IN: Kazakhstan ResQte NewsFlash!

Cuteporter Wendy Q. has the 411. “Nellie was rescued from the streets in Astana, Kazakhstan, a few weeks ago. She’s now living happily with her new owners and has her own blog. She is fearful of many things at present – especially sudden noises or movement, but has a naturally feisty nature and is adept at plundering socks, gloves and underwear.”

From homeless on the streets of Kazakhstan to having your own website. (AND hoomins who love you!) Congratulations to Nellie!




  1. That coloring is amazing.

  2. Thank you for featuring Nellie – she has had 500 hits within a few minutes of your feature.

    I’m working with a dog shelter here in Kazakhstan and will be posting a link on Nellie’s blog to Just Giving Charity site soon – if readers would like to help rescue more street dogs here in Astana, helping us to find new loving homes for doggies.

  3. mariposas says:

    Hi sweetie !

  4. People Magazine just reported that anyone who is anyone lives in the Stans. Très chic. Nellie is one happening pooch!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    That face…! She has stolen my heart.

  6. My heart just grew a little.

  7. CoffeeCup says:


  8. Kazakhstan! Kazakhstan! You very nice place!

  9. AWWWWW……….

  10. Such a sweet face.

  11. I sense behind that adorabuhl face lurks a comedian…