Meanwhile, at Yoga Class…

“OK, are you in? Now I think what I’m supposed to do is roll you around, and that’s going to realign your chakra, or something like that.”





  2. The older cat in the back has a clear “lord, save me from kittens” look on his face.

  3. Birdcage says:

    I missed that older cat until you mentioned him! Har!

  4. CoffeeCup says:

    *heavy sigh* Kids these days.

  5. Let’s do a barrel roll!

  6. mindadale says:

    Best gif I’ve seen in … well, maybe forever.

  7. Momma cat is thinking, “Please, just don’t kill each other…i’m too tired to clean up the mess.”

  8. tagatha says:

    That kitty is very zen!

  9. Roll out the kitten!
    We’ll have a barrel of fun!
    Roll out the kitten!
    We’ve got the blues on the run!

  10. Theresa says:

    Oh yes.

  11. Theresa says:

    Hey, fellow baseball fans, doesn’t this remind you of those videos of grounds crews getting Pwned by the tarp as they’re rolling it out over the field?

  12. Just ignore them…. and they’ll leave…..please?

  13. 😆 AWW 😆 The things kitties get into 😆

  14. The Original Jane says:

    A mat full of cats – better than a barrel full of monkeys!

  15. 😀 Win, win, WIN.

  16. No Downward Dog here. It’s Clockwise Cats.

  17. Whenever I do yoga at home, my cats insist on sitting on the mat, very much in the way. I guess I just need to get some kittens to practice with me!