Scotty, Beam My Buns Up

Clipboard01Lt. Worf the Bun is making a return appearance on Cute Overload! He was here last week, and he’s back again this Bunday with his shipmate, Lt. Data. From Submitter Erokey: “We caught Worf napping by the red flower pot, all cozied up on his own fluff. And his brother Data’s cuteness is within normal operating parameters. They’re both American Fuzzy Lop rabbits.”





  1. 6rabbits says:

    As desperately as I want to write witty repartee, the combo of ST:TNG and BUNNIES has stupefied my brain! -sploosh-

  2. That’s…. not how you use that meme. 😦

  3. Between the bunnies and the tribbles, can you imagine the population explosion on the Enterprise! Maybe they’ll do a little interspecies snorgling–if you catch my drift–and make bribbles? trunnies? Aaaargggh! Death by floof!

  4. Has anyone posted this to George Takei’s face book page ?

  5. be my guest

  6. AFLs keeel me. It’s like someone stuck a plainol bunny head onna fluff~

  7. Moonstar says:

    See! See! I’m not the only one to have a pet named Data! Mine is a kitteh though.

  8. DONE !

  9. I can actually see the resemblance to Worf on this picture!