Laundry? What laundry?

Oh. This laundry?

Don’t worry, I’m on top of it.

“I’m getting tired of my puppy’s half-assed attempts at doing laundry. He starts off well, separating lights from darks: Then he just gives up. Bad, puppy! Those should be pre-treated. His name is “Chomper,” and the photo was taken by Maria. Love your site!” – Scott T.



  1. That big white stripe is just begging for a big kiss !

  2. Saffron says:

    Pupperson is just being efficient….it is easier to just shed all over the clothing all at once when it comes out of the dryer instead of taking the time to find each article of clothing and shed on it individually. 😀

  3. Perhaps after the nap, he will be back on top of the job!

  4. I’ve been wanting a CKCS for ages! I don’t care if he does do the laundry!

  5. Theresa says:

    I LOVES me some CKCS.

  6. Theresa says:

    I mean really, among all their other qualities, they have such snurfy little muzzles.