Admiral! There Be…Penguins!

Squeaky Furball Alert in The Big Easy. Three endangered African Blackfooted penguin chicks have made their debut at the Audubon Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans!





Cuteporter Nick B. on the case with this one. Photos and video from the aquarium. Bonus points if you get the headline reference.



  1. awwww want!!

  2. Janet in Cambridge says:

    “Admiral, there be whales here.” Star Trek.

  3. Related I just read this earlier this evening:

    These adorable dogs protect endangered penguins, make your heart grow three sizes

    Kinda short on pictures, but two Australian Shepherds have been trained to protect endangered Little Penguins off the coast of Australia. Animal heroes!

  4. bingo

  5. I love the posing at 1:10. “This is my best side….”

  6. Oh my goodness! I love It! I would adopt it and keep it in my apartment if I liked below freezing temperatures!

  7. kibblenibble says:

    The leetol wobbly foot on the freshly hatched chick keeled me ded. So fragile.

  8. No need! They are African penguins, they like it pleasantly cool.

  9. shuger02135 says:

    I live in New Orleans and can’t wait to get over to see these guys. If anyone is in the area, I cannot praise enough the Behind The Scenes penguin experience at the Aquarium. It is expensive, but it was 3 hours I will never forget. You get to spend as long as you want hanging out with the penguins. Some are more sociable than others, but Millicent is straight out of Happy Feet. She followed us around the building–into the elevator, onto our laps… I went in telling myself that they were wild animals, not to expect too much–and I left having all of my stereotypes and penguin pet fantasies confirmed and then some. Now if only someone could figure out how to get a diaper to stay on…

  10. Kari Callin says:

    Mr. Popper’s Penguins as Pups! 😉

  11. I think I’ve fallen in love. I want one,, NOW!

  12. Ooh I like my apartment pleasantly cool! Mine!

  13. What’s with all the Star Trek references today? I count three so far…..