Valley Possums, Whateverrr

…at first she was like, and then I was like Oh My God, and then she was like fer sure! You know?

Kim Barker for Coast & Canyon Wildlife. NO WAY!



  1. The toes look very nommable. Also the ears. Where’s Tracylee?

  2. Juicy eyes and nosicles also, I forgot to say…

  3. UGH! Gag me with a pitch fork !

  4. Theresa says:

    I like ’em. They’re getting together to sing “Call Me Maybe.”

  5. Did you see the new boy? He’s such a Barney!

  6. Leilani says:

    I just love little pink possum fingers!

  7. uh oh, do i spy possum plotting?

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    Are their names Amber, Tiffany and Kilroy?

  9. The feengers, OMGs, the feengers!!! *dies*