Recipe For Fun

Take one bottle cap.
Add one Maru.
Place both in bathtub.



  1. SlaveToCat says:

    The new Bruins goalie.
    Maru, you are a hockey puck. In the nicest sense.

  2. Maybe he should be the new Pens goalie!

  3. Super cute wink at 0:56 :D

  4. Air hockey, Maru flavor (said in my best original Iron Chef commentator voice).

  5. Michelle says:

    Does anyone else think Maru needs a friend?

  6. I think he has the best friend evah: his amazingly fun and attentive hoomin. Although, I’d be happy to volunteer as a second.

  7. fish eye no miko says:

    And the end: “Okay, I’m done amusing you, I’m gonna go eat.”

  8. :lol: Yep :lol:

  9. Cats…mine has at least $60 worth of various toys, gadgets and balls to play with, but he just spent the last 30 minutes playing with a cherry he knocked out of the bowl onto the floor.

  10. You brought me a fond memory of my awesome LeRoy Brown ( now playing at the Rainbow Bridge). When he was a kitten, he found a small round potato in a bag my daughter had bought. That became his favorite toy to play with multiple times a day. Unfortunately, I eventually had to dispose of it when it began to “decompose.” It broke his little heart.

  11. Going to put a tear off ring from the milk into the bathtub now.

  12. Those are my cats favorites!!

  13. jlamusings says:

    heehee I had a cat who loved those too, but I had to monitor him because I’d find them chewed up with bigger and bigger pieces missing @_@ Swear he had a digestive system of steel!

  14. My cats love the rings from the milk containers. They play “Cat Hockey” with them. They shoot! They score! The crowd goes wild!!

  15. Gracie LOVES these, and waits impatiently for me to remove the ring from the latest milk container. She only plays for a bit, then hides them. Once we picked up the corner of a rug and found about a dozen milk container rings. Too funny.

  16. Jack and Lille's Human says:

    I had to put a call out my friends and family to save the milk jug rings for me. My darling little boy plays with them for hours, and then, if I’m not in, promptly destroys something when it gets lost under the fridge, or stove, or closet door. I can’t drink milk fast enough for him. If I happen to be home when he loses the ring, he’ll meow “open seasame!” at the closet or fridge until I retrieve them.

  17. Maru is oddly agile for such a .. shall I say, “sturdy” kitteh!

  18. annette says:

    I once referred to one of my sister’s cats as “sturdy”, and my sister scolded, “She knows what you mean when you say that.”

  19. I took my Lucy in to the vet, because I thought she was swollen after being spayed. My vet examined her and asked me where I thought she was swollen. After I pointed it out, she leaned off and whispered to me, “she’s fat.” She didn’t want to hurt Lucy’s feelings!

  20. kimbunny says:

    even his tail is chubbeh!

  21. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    He is – he’s such a square, compact, meaty kitty.That’s one of the things that’s so neat about him. It’s cool how so many kitties have different shapes – my mom’s is very lean & graceful looking. Maru is chunky & powerful.

  22. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    You do realize that the bathtub is just a giant box, amirite?

    Maru is a Scottish fold, I think he’s a fairly standard shape for that breed. Not 100% sure. But 100% sure he’s adorable.

  23. But his earz are up…?

  24. Blue Footed Booby says:

    He’s built like a schoolbus and has an enormous head.

  25. He’s a catbus!

  26. tenshihitomi says:

    Someone get Maru a Catbus costume, stat!

  27. tenshihitomi says:

    Just like the rest of Maru’s home, I see the bathtub is sparkly clean. Maru’s owner needs to come over and scrub my tub. ;)

  28. thelittlemyrmidon says:

    How does she do that? The floors are always immaculate. The tub sparkles. Can I go live with Maru?

  29. Scooterb62 says:

    I was just about to comment that I always feel guilty when I watch a Maru video because my house is never that clean!

  30. phred's mom says:

    I suspect that Maru’s hoomin removes
    everything in the vicinity, scrubs, polishes,
    etc. before doing the vid. Or, given the sparkle,
    installs new stuff each time. The minimalist
    immaculatosity makes my head hurt. No way
    can I live up to this standard. *sigh*

  31. marthava says:

    Doesn’t he look just like Simon’s Cat in several of those poses…?

  32. humminbirdie says:

    i especially love the Swishy Tail Action™!!!


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