Them Summer Days, Those Summer Days

Out of school, yeah
County fair in the country sun
And everything, it’s true, ooh, yeah, yeah
Hot fun in the summertime…

Lyrics by Sly Stone. Submitted by Anonymous.



  1. skippymom says:

    Piggie looks as though he/she just told the funniest joke ever.

  2. Baked ham

  3. Aren’t those new lyrics by Sty Stone?

  4. that’s a good one.

  5. Trot-lets up!

  6. Roast pork

  7. Tim McDaniel says:

    In hog heaven!

  8. Does anyone smell bacon?

  9. Mamabear says:

    Loverly piggeh hooves. In addition to liking her belly rubbed…all the time…mine loved a good, hearty hoof rub. I can still remember the sound of me clicking them together while she grunted and nestled deeper into the couch. What a great pig!

  10. Nothin’ better than a happy peeg.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    I think he would prefer to lounge in a ham-ock.

  12. Rachael says:

    This only makes me want a piggie more. They seem to have so much personality!

  13. LOL. this is one of those moments when you wish CO had a like button.