Little Orphan Eggie

In over 40 years of rescuing our feathered friends around the world, this was one of the most anticipated arrivals of all for International Bird Rescue. A severely injured mama Mallard was brought in to their San Francisco Bay Wildlife Hospital and found to have a single egg. Mama could not be saved but the veterinary staff were able to save her one egg. 26 days later, after waiting and wondering, a perfect mallard duckling hatched!

Read the entire orphaned duckling’s awesome story at International Bird Rescue. “Hey there, thought I’d send our latest Cute Overload submission! This Mallard Duckling in hot pursuit of a dragonfly is by Kim Taylor, our recent Photographers in Focus honoree (who gives permission for the photo to be used.)” -Andrew H.



  1. sabrina rose says:

    What a touching story and a wonderful photograph! A very lucky ducky indeed! But I kind of wish they had kept him in a nice protected pond at a zoo, rather than releasing him to the wild. Kind of scary for a little fellow without mama or siblings. Good wishes to you, little mallard!

  2. Awww! Now I have a little lump in my throat. Gulp.

  3. Rob aka Mediancat says:

    Did they release it into the wild? I don’t think a baby duck would survive by itself in the wild, and I don’t see anything specific in the story saying it was.

  4. Mamabear says:

    Even though they are precocial, I’m certain that they did not release this baby into the wild. I’m sure they will let it get its proper feathers in and a little age under his belt, first. Heck, baby ducks will sink if they stay in the water too long because they lack the feathers/oil to keep from being waterlogged. They need a mother to huddle under and keep safe until they get big enough to fend for themselves. Being a bird rescue organization, I have faith that they are releasing at the right time.

    Reading the link and looking at the photo caption, I’m thinking that the ducklink chasing the dragonfly is not even the same ducklink in question.

  5. Martine says:

    It is beautiful..! sniff..

  6. mrtsmom says:

    CO has spoiled me. I wanted more fun when I read the story at the International Bird website, and checked for the hovertexts…. to no avail. 😦

  7. Golden Books called, they have a contact for some cover art.

  8. I do that whenever I see cute animal pics anywhere. I’m always slightly disappointed when nothing funny pops up. 😦

  9. duck and the dragonfly

  10. AWW 😦 Poor little duck 😦 I am glad they were able to save the little duckling and give him/her a chance to grow up 😀

  11. Sometimes you just gotta go with the flow and find your own inner glow……. 😉

  12. Katsmeowsd says:

    This actually reminded me of the book “Farfallina and Marcel”!

  13. katrinab73 says:

    awww a wonderful story and a great pic!!

  14. precious floof !

  15. Little yellow rubber ducky.

  16. Thank you all for the kind words about my wee duckling and dragon fly. International Bird Rescue and Research did rescue and hatch a miracle duckling, but the photo is not that duckling 😉 This is a different duckling and cheers to IBR for all the wonderful work they do!

  17. Still a cutie.

  18. Thanks for posting this photo, Cute Overload! Fyi, The duckling in the photo is not the same animal as the one that was raised after its mother died. This duckling was photographed in the wild by Kim Taylor, one of our featured wildlife photographers. The other duckling was raised at one of our wildlife centers along with other orphaned ducklings. Thanks!