Stay Furr-sty, My Friends

970771_605428959467844_772653617_nThis is Hamilton The Hipster Cat. Quoting “He is….the most interesting cat in the world.”

Hamilton was having a hard time getting adopted at the Humane Society Silicon Valley, because he was a bit on the nervous side.

His new hoomin Jay S. saw something others didn’t, and now Hamilton is rockin’ the Interwebs. You know, Instagram, Facebook, the usual!



Photos from Ham’s Instagramster.



  1. Love the little white mustache! He looks like he has been graffiti-ed.

  2. Awwww, YaY for nervous kittehs! I have a bunch of them in my house, and although most other people never see them, they looooooove me! 🙂

  3. one of mine hates anyone who isnt me and the other is just obsessed with me and follows me everywhere and must be in my line of vision at all times. even when i am sleeping and roll over, she will change sides to be on my facing side… she howls a lot and pees the bed when agitated. i love them SO much. even when i am away for just a night, i miss them terribly. heck, i miss them when i am at work!

  4. what a beauty!

  5. Sue McCoy says:

    Absolutely love the mustache. I had to pin the picture so I could share with friends. Thanks for sharing.

  6. That is one magnificent ‘stache.

  7. Chase82 says:

    Hamilton’s a cute name, but I would have gone with Salvador.

  8. Nervous or not, who could resist that face?! Awwww

  9. Yaysies for hoomin Jay S for seeing kitty’s potential and adopting him!

  10. Janet in Cambridge says:

    When he meows, The Most Interesting Man in the World listens.

  11. I expected to see him with a “Got Milk?” caption.

  12. Absolutely!

  13. lisaLASSIE says:

    Yes Jay S, thank you!

  14. He’s not nervous he’s just VERY “Sensitive”.

  15. petless in Puddletown says:

    Le moustache! Le rowr!

  16. Hey! That’s a great idea! Someone needs to get on the phone with Ham’s agent. 🙂

  17. Peeps, look at the URL. 😀

  18. The Original Jane says:

    My thoughts too!

  19. Hamilton’s mustache could put Snidely Wiplash to shame!

  20. He is awesome, like a reverse Dali somehow.

  21. Perfect entry for June, and adopt a shelter pet month.

  22. larrycat says:

    That is a fantastic cat. Salvador is his identical cousin in Barcelona.

  23. AWW 😀 Hamilton is such a handsome boy kitty 😀

  24. rachael says:

    What a super handsome fella!! I’m a sucker for a mustache!!

  25. oooo, that ‘stache! I would have called him “Poirot” in honor of Agatha Christie’s little Belgian detective who was so proud of his moustache!