Dear Diary…This Is Too Much- Must Pee On The Bed

When life seems hopelessly…er, hopeless, that’s about all there is left to do.

The Sad Cat sequel, from zefrank1.



  1. When do we get a b_t_h’s perspective?

  2. This is too funny–must pee on my chair.

  3. Who writes this stuff? God bless them. 🙂

  4. The pre-pooping circles… Haha!

  5. lol. I think my favorite part was “fetch”…and the analogy. Awww poor dogs 😦 Although, how is it that for dogs it’s beloved human and for cats it’s the authorities??

  6. Really! Good question!

  7. ThirdShift says:

    “I love Ginger.” Bwahhhaha! Hilarious! Owww, my sides!

  8. Cats: It’s as if a teddy bear mated with a cactus.

    Yup, that sums ’em up pretty well 🙂

  9. The guy doing the voice over has exactly the right tone; a bit sad, a tad confused, a little resigned. Perfect!

  10. This sounds like something NTMTOM would write, perhaps its a metaphor?

    That cat teaching him to hump anything long enough was my favorite.

  11. “…when we patrol the neighborhood each day in search of men with hats and beards” Of course! It makes so much sense now 😀

  12. Sarbear says:

    I think I just peed my pants a little bit.

  13. tinkertoki says:

    Oh my gosh! This is absolutely redonk! XD

  14. I REALLY needed this, today! I actually laughed out loud four or five times watching!!! =D

  15. have you met any cats?

  16. My monitor was in grave danger several times from spit takes. I love the kitty one, but this one is even funnier, IMHO.

  17. Needed to hear all of this today. Very clever and funny! Thanks CO for a great one.

  18. if the cats I’ve known are anything to go by, “Food-prepping, poop-scooping slaves” is more apt….probably too verbose…

  19. You could do a great Morgan Freeman impression.

  20. Wonderful! I really liked the cat diaries, but nice to see one on dogs… Please continue with these, they are awesome!