June Is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Looking for a kitteh? This is the purrrrr-fect month for you.

“My name is Scout and I’m a ResQte kitten! I’m super cute to look at, and…I love to pee in shoes. My new mom took some pictures of me, and I really want to be famous. Meow. Please consider me to Overload people with Cuteness.” Submitted by Katie Cleveland.



  1. Saffron says:

    Yay for resQte! Katie is awesome ❤ ❤ ❤

    Scout is super adorable.
    One of my kittehs would barf in my shoes with alarming precision….so now all bedroom doors have shoe racks hanging on them 😀

  2. Scout, mission accomplished….I have been overloaded with your cuteness! Many happy and health years to you, little one! P.S. Peeing in shoes is way overrated..try the litterbox…it’s what all the cool cats are doing! 🙂

  3. Coffee Cup says:

    Remember that many shelters offer discounts during June! Many are overrun with kittens (not that this is a bad thing!) and would love to find homes for their cats of all ages! Mine offers a “name your own price” for cats over 3 years. And if you can’t adopt a cat, please consider donating so the shelters can at least have funds to feed all the additional, adorable moufs.

  4. All the CatCave critters were rescues & fosters, one way or another. Sophie the 85-lb lovey lapdog was, too. 😀

  5. DewiCasGwent says:

    I know everybody already knows but the IBKC has a new staff member Wylla a foster that is going to stay
    I’m sure everyone will want to welcome Her

  6. victoreia says:

    I want him! Even though I have four already, I want him!

  7. I would take Scout home too, victoreia, if I knew if Dooley would like to have another kitty in our home besides Badger 😀


  9. Smartypants says:

    Tinee Tabbee Tinkles in, uh, Tap Shoes? (if anyone has a better “T” word for shoes, please jump on in).