Seek and Find – Cat Version

Search through mysterious wardrobe portals! Peer behind mystical cloaking veils! And dare to look under the bed for enigmatic cats lurking where no one would ever expect!





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Thank you for playing!
1 &2: “I walked into my bedroom this morning and heard purring…no sign of any cats anywhere….listened a little closer, realised it was coming from the wardrobe! My cat Sam (Samantha) loves to hide in the back of my wardrobe where its all cosy. :)” Bryony in Devon in the UK.

3 & 4: “Sending you some pics of the best Tarzan ever and hopefully he will start your cute-alarm. The pics show our ragdoll cat Tarzan a few weeks after he came to us in January 2011 (he was born in November 2010). He, like all other kittens I guess, liked to play with everything including the curtains. (My favorite pic is the one where he looks like a bride.) Thanks for your great site by the way!” Very best, Anna in Stockholm, Sweden.

5: “This is my cat, Paravel, plotting her takeover of the world in her secret lair. Poor Amadeus (tabby cat in the background) has no idea.” By Lindsey.



  1. Tarzan looks like a cute little lion!

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Peeka Boo I see you….
    Just simply adorabubble.

  3. I look at that bottom pic and think Soon

  4. Paravel like Cair Paravel? Excellent.

  5. Saffron says:

    Hello to kittehs across the globe!
    No matter what language they meow in, they are all wonderful.

    Now I would be impressed if we could manage to photograph the dimension they hide all the toys in that you never find again even if you move and clear out the house….

  6. SoccerSue says:

    My walk-in closet purrs on a regular basis. Whenever I couldn’t find my Angel cat I’d go in there and start talking to her. Pretty soon I’d hear purring from the far corner, behind the dress bags. Now that she’s gone (RIP), one of our other cats has taken over the spot.

  7. AWW 😀 Cats like small warm places to nap 😀 They feel safe 😀