Friday Haiku: Lil’ Frogster

World’s smallest frogster
Looking for a helping hand
Or a place to sleep




  1. Tiny, little frog
    Surveys world from a finger
    Thinks it ain’t so big

  2. OMG! I didn’t think such a size was possible. ^_^

  3. 260Oakley says:

    On today’s menu
    Looks like knuckle sandwiches
    With a side of frog

  4. Frog parked on finger
    But it’s someone else’s space
    Froggy will get toad

  5. wow so tiny!

  6. rocinrobin says:


  7. Want froggy so bad
    If I don’t get it I may
    kermit suicide

  8. crashnandicoot says:


  9. crashnandicoot says:


  10. The wart on the street
    Is that this little froggy
    Is too cute for warts

  11. Frog Lothario
    Always trying pick-up lines
    “Come over my pad.”

  12. 260Oakley says:

    And prone to to telling lies, like all am-fibians.

  13. * croak *

  14. You guys are keelingk me! In a toad-ally good way. 🙂

  15. I think all Cute Overloaders enjoy a little good-natured ribbeting.

  16. Scale Mt. phalanges
    with an outsized, epic, sproing
    intrepid frogster

  17. Tiny lil’ frogster
    Or just a ginormous hand
    Will stay a secret

  18. SlaveToCat says:

    It’s a Vietnamese collective craft center item for sale, just $399.00 plus shipping and handling, remember earlier post on crochet animals. The collective is made up of 7 little old men forming tiny creatures out of nose hair and boogers with ear wax highlights.

  19. tommygirl says:

    My exact thoughts 😀

  20. Twinkle, twinkle little frog
    Makes me wonder how this blog
    Picks haikus

  21. Bebeh spring peeper.

  22. Ew. 😯

  23. Madame X says:

    Jumpin’ Jehos’phat!
    My fingers have had hangnails
    Bigger than that frog!

  24. Kari Callin says:

    Tiny wee brown spot
    No, I am not chocolate
    Don’t wipe me away!


  26. a tiny frog for you! I LOVE YOU! XOXoXOXOXOxO

  27. Meerkat says:

    That is the smallest froglet I’ve ever seen! His insides must be microscopic – how big is his heart, for example?! Impossibly cute … I must go and lie down for a bit to recover!

  28. roflmao!