You Can’t Always Get What You Want

but if you try and try and try and try and try and try and try sometimes, you just might find, you get what you need.

Sender-inner Jessica B. says, “This pup is not mine! This video is not mine! But this video is too cute not to share!”



  1. I love how he just gives up in the end. Total resignation.

  2. 260Oakley says:

    Poor pup just wants to re-tire for the evening.

  3. Poor little pupster! I thought for a minute he was going to do a nose-down-eyes-up baroo kind of thing to ask for help.

  4. Yet more evidence that there is nothing cuter than a beagle puppeh. Hang on, little one, I’ll put that tire in the bed with you!

  5. Don’t just stand there laffin’ for dog’s sake….help the little dude out!

  6. The Original Jane says:

    And that’s exactly what I suspect happened right after they turned the video off.

  7. I wouldn’t be able to resist those sad little eyes. I’d bring him any toy he wanted.

  8. And exactly whey I would be a terrible dog owner despite my love for them. I would be trained by a dog SO fast!

  9. the dog looks at them and said a little help please! and you are just sitting there looking at me! crap! crap! crap!

  10. That puppy’s sad eyes at the end were clearly to shame the laughing videographer for not helping him.

  11. Poor pupp he’s all:
    I can do it…(pull)
    I can do it…(pull)
    I can’t do it…(pout)

  12. of course.