U OK There, Kid? Should I Call Security?

A little girl carrying a stuffed sea lion takes a tumble at the National Zoo, and someone is more than a little concerned.

Jane P. spotted this video on CBS News.com. Originally posted by Ariel M.



  1. ! awWWW !

  2. I wonder if that was a Mommy sea lion.

  3. That’s adorable! :-3

  4. WOW. I want a sea lion to look after me.

  5. SlavetoCat says:

    I heard that sea lion snicker.

  6. Hey little girl, is my brother sea lion you were carrying OK?

  7. lisaLASSIE says:


  8. The longer video shows the sea lion and the girl chasing each other back and forth. So adorable.

  9. Theresa says:


  10. I think it was a Mommy Sea Lion – and it was interested – sure – it could see the child’s toy and it wanted to play chasing –

  11. Meerkat says:

    I’d feel a leetle beet better if the caption said, ‘little girl carrying a toy sea lion’ – I’m not liking the thought of a stuffed seal ion one bit …
    Cute that it swam back to check she was ok and i’d have liked to see the extended clip of them chasing each other back and forth!

  12. Not even a leetle, beety seal ion? It’s so teeny, it’s practically wafer-thin!