Simon Says…

I want my tail AND I WANT EET NOW!

“This is my kitten Simon. He’s seven weeks old, fits in a bowl, and he just discovered his very own tail! So like any good kitten, he tries to chase it.” -Lincoln S.



  1. Evening, a glass of wine (for my cholesterol don-ch-kno) and a spinning kitten!
    Wheee! It’s all good!
    I feel this and the roller coaster kitten are happily combined!

  2. I’m getting Pussyfood the kitten flashbacks.

  3. Mixing up some kitten kookies!

  4. fleurdamour says:

    It’s a mini marmee. Named Simon. In a groovy avocado green bowl. Chasing his own tail. In the bowl. It’s like he was genetically engineered for CO.

  5. Those pesky tails are relentless followers. Get ‘im, Simon! (just remember not to bite)

  6. Hmmmmm……… I’m not very hungry tonight I think I’ll just have a bowl of marmie & a dish of cream please.

  7. Theresa says:

    OH MAH GAAAH! Stinkiously adorable. *sticks Simon in mouf and runs for it*

  8. Theresa says:

    Around here , it’s known by Dante as “The Evil Thing Attached to My Butt”

  9. Is calling tailos “butt snakes” a CO thing, or did I just make it up? ‘Cos that’s what they’re called in our house.

    Except I mainly affect an ermagerd voice and call it a butt snerk.

  10. Theresa says:

    A bertt snerk.


  12. Saffron says:

    My next kitteh will now be named Bert Snerk. 🙂
    ❤ Theresa and Earwig ❤ ❤

  13. What a lovely little guy! Amazing marmitude! And I’m flashing back to that hilarious Japanese show where they set out a bunch of bowls and then released cats on the set to see which cats settled into which bowls.

  14. poor widdle baby is all mixed up!

    I think I need a set of these kitten bowls

  15. Maikastar says:

    Well hello there, Simon. You just keep doing what you’re doing…and I will keep watching and squeeing.

  16. Theresa says:

    Yer welcerm. 😀

  17. humminbirdie says:

    um, for reals? that happened??! pleez share a link, dgerish!!! that sounds brilliant!!!

  18. bluebird says:

    I remember my (not too bright) dog chasing his tail. When he finally caught it, he’d give it a triumphant bite, then look so bewildered, poor sweetie.

  19. …Aaaand, I’m dizzy. Thanks, Simon!

  20. “Hello, my name is Simon! I like to do drawrings! Hey! Are you looking at my bum? Bum-looker!”

    (Where I pulled that from…well, clearly my brain cells failed to keep any of my higher edumacation to make way for ancient pop culture references.)

  21. That sounds like something from the Inferno.

  22. Notice the unused eggbeater next to the bowl. They can use the kitten instead.

  23. Theresa says:

    Hmmm… “Dante”; “Evil”; “Butt”… I see what you mean.

  24. Theresa says:

    “Yes, we are.”

  25. Plus, my tail really hurts.

  26. Don’t lose your head over a piece of tail, Simon.

  27. Total classic from NTMOTM

  28. a bowl move by cat! hehehe dogsunday!

  29. Mmmm…

    *Picks up fork and spoon and prepares to consume kitteh*

  30. Cheeky monkees.

  31. ACK, NO, Iva! 😯 *Grabs kitteh and runs away*

  32. ACK, NO, Theresa! 😯 *Snatches Simon out of her mouf*

  33. AWW 😀 Seven week old Simon is such a cute kitty you have, Lincoln S. 😀