Highway To The Danger Zone

Eddie The Cat has a great imagination. There’s Top Gun, Iron Man, and 2001: A Space Odyssey in there. Think Maru has this much fun?

Submitted, Written, Directed, & Edited by Jordan F. Cast: Trip S. & Eddie the Cat. Gaffer/Production Sound/Cat Wrangler: Duncan R. Like the music track? Download it free on SoundCloud.



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    I think Maru imagines he’s at The Container Store.

  2. 😆 Now we know just how great an imagination a kitty has 😆

  3. Merissa says:

    This is the greatest thing ever. Also, I love the spots on the back of his legs.

  4. lisaLASSIE says:

    Very clever!

  5. my cat profile is to pick at all those caturday on google plus but cats is a dog track meet competitor and the race is on!

  6. Merissa says:

    Which reminds me of my favorite amusing picture of 2013 thus far: