Um, Why’s There a Face in My Moon Pie?

“It’s because I’m a turtle, you junk-food junkie! Now put me down!”

Via Mark Dumont.



  1. Toitle chub! Teensy clawsies! Yey!

  2. bob drummond says:

    first time I ‘ve heard of someone confusing a turtle for a Moon Pie ( or scooter pie !) or anything like that !!! 😉

  3. JenDeyan says:

    Reptiles on the whole not a cute branch of the animal kingdom but I make an exception for turtles. I love them!

  4. Aww, what a cute derpy face!

  5. lisaLASSIE says:

    Cute and very well fed turtle.

  6. fleurdamour says:

    Better a face than the other kind of moon.

  7. ooh yummy toitle chubbiness…

  8. bob drummond says:

    Nice choice of words Fleurdamour , I agree with you !!! 😉

  9. Oceanview says:

    It’s an It’s-It! Now that’s the real San Francisco treat (sorry Rice-A-Roni).

  10. I was seriously thinking of referring to It’s-It instead of Moon Pie, but It’s-It is so closely confined to the Bay Area (and some outlying regions) that I was concerned other readers wouldn’t get it. But yeah, toitle heah definitely resembles an It’s-It. And now I want one.