Does My Nose Deceive Me?

(sniff, sniff) Do I detect the gentle aroma of leek and cabbage, in a delicate, savory broth? And could that be, dare I hope, chicken? (sigh) And all I get is cat food.

Via Hajime Nakano.



  1. StormCat42 says:

    This looks close to the look I get from one of my furbabies that says “Ahem, and MY plate is where?”

  2. Psst! There’s a mistake in the hover text. 🙂
    Cute photo. The cat definitely looks unhappy with the fact that he can’t partake of the hoomin’s meal. 🙂

  3. Cats. They lead such difficult lives. Ask mine–they’ll tell you.

  4. Oops! Thanks!

  5. That looks really good! I would be sore too if there wasn’t a bowl for me.

  6. SlaveToCat says:

    They forgot the Cat’s bowl…again.
    One good juicy feline sneeze and the soup is all yours kitty.

  7. 😆 I really want to see a picture of THAT, StormCat42 😆

  8. 😆 Oh, yeah 😆 Lots of food, water, litter boxes, pets and cuddling 😆

  9. Theresa says:

    Or just faceplant in it, like my Stinky used to do.

  10. Is that sashimi off to the side? I had a kitty who loved a nibble of raw tuna and salmon. Not the yellowtail though, Mommy wouldn’t share that.

  11. Those are cooked satoimo. I believe they are the members of potato family. The soup on the left looks like ozoni, so this pic is taken during the new year’s holiday in Japan.

    Our cat fought with my dad for his plate of sashimi every time it was on the dinner table. But we tried not to give the kitty too much human foods. Our vet in Japan told us that what a human eats have way more salt than a cat can take. So for my dad and the cat, there was always a battle. lol.

  12. That looks like a nice soup with a big piece of mochi inside. Yum! I don’t blame you, kitty…

  13. We tried, honestly, and some cats are better than others about people food.

    However my cat growing up got the first couple of licks of ice cream out of my dad’s bowl. Always.