Caturday Quiz

Who was President Bill Clinton’s vice-president?

Tipped off by JN.


  1. kibblenibble says:

    In cat speak, “Al Gore” translates into, “I don’t want to go to the vet, mommy!”

  2. that does have the desparate tone that can only echo like that in a vet’s reception area.

  3. Oh, yeah. Sounds almost like our cats (my brother, his male friend and me), Badger and Dooley, who both HOWL when going to the vet.

  4. He’s just trying to raise ManBearPig awareness!

  5. Clearly, he’s a Democat.

  6. An Inconvenient Floof!

  7. Rachael says:

    Win!! :)

  8. He’s looking for help accessing the intertubes, since, you know, Al Gore invented them.

  9. Is he related to that Don Piano cat?

  10. … or maybe Oh Long Johnson…

  11. *giggles* somebody remembers THAT one! LOL

  12. maybe he’s saying albacore. get that cat some tuna!

  13. fleurdamour says:

    This kittie is Al Gorgeous.

  14. HOW is it.. 589,000,000 cats in this world (or thereabouts…) and they ALL do this same thing when they go to the v-e-t in the car? Do they have con calls to discuss this? Or how they’re all going to say “ackackackackackackack” when they see a bird outside? Or any of the other similar things that cats who live on opposite sides of the world and never see each other do? HOW DO THEY DO THAT??

  15. Just goes to show that the universe connects us all, even cats. And cats are probably even more connected because they have much better senses. ;)

  16. JenDeyan says:

    I love that “ackackackackackackack” sound. One of the many awesome sounds that kitties make.

  17. Actually, all kinds of animals that can vocalise have “dialects”: different regional tones, and completely unique sounds. Even cows of the same farming breed will sound different in different parts of the world.

    The chatter is probably harder-wired though. Lionesses use a special low sub-bass tone to communicate when hunting, and it’s a really weird sound – maybe they can use it around their prey because the prey doesn’t recognise it as an animal voice. Perhaps cats’ bird-hunting chatter is a similar thing: a sound they never make under any other circumstances, of which their prey will struggle to learn the consequence.

  18. I’m still struggling with the consequences of this sound.

  19. Sounds more like he´s saying “Mango”.
    Poor baby, hates going to the vet.

  20. sharonballerina says:

    He’s saying “Out Car”. Clearly hates having to travel in one… Poor kitty!! : )

  21. It’s okay kitty-boo, Al Gore makes me sad too! ;)


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