They Woke Me Up At 3AM!!!!

“I am so sorry I missed the Pocket Pal submissions – would you enjoy one more?”

[Yes. -Ed]

“This is Harry Saliva Beck, our Italian Spinoni puppy in his Dad’s game bag. The grass was just too tall and the day too long. Harry hitched a ride.” -Cuteporter Helen H-N.




  1. 260Oakley says:

    Bird dog fails field trial, gets the sack.

    Don’t worry, Harry. Your legs will get longer, even if the grass doesn’t get shorter. 😉

  2. ThirdShift says:

    A dog with a middle name! Are you sure he doesn’t have an ordinal suffix as well? Lookit, chauffeured and everything! Doggy 1% right here, peeps!

  3. I’ve had enough of this back to nature thing. It’s wet and uncomfortable.
    Take me home James.

    P.S. because of course all chauffeur are called James 😉

  4. AnneOther says:

    Sorry…. Hunting NOT cute… 😦

  5. januaryfarmer says:

    Dog is cute, but Dad ain’t bad either.

  6. mindadale says:

    Hah! Yes. He looks like he’d be much more interested in a bed than a bird. Reminds me of my childhood cat who let crows eat right from her outside food bowl. “You’re a cat! They’re birds! What are you doing?!” I guess she felt pretty secure that I’d get her more even if they ate it all.

  7. Another reason to love Cute Overload… first time for me to see an Italian Spinoni. Hadn’t heard of that breed before. Awesome dog.

  8. If you’re on Facebook, look for Ecco D’Oro. He’s an Italian Spinoni, and he and his family do a lot of great things for animals and people in need!

  9. Jane_in_To says:

    Technically, it should be Italian spinone 🙂

  10. Bottle Green says:

    Harry’s got good looks AND an awesome name.