Listen Kid, You’re Gonna Get Some Kisses…

Whether you want ’em or not! Here I come!!

Video by and from Johannes P.



  1. mauderules says:

    What a fabulous way to start my morning with a big smile! Very cute indeed.

  2. Cute puppy, but I admit, I was concerned for him when the baby started to crawl on him at the end.

  3. The bit where they’re both wiggling their legs at the same time?! Ded!

  4. Awwwwwww, the lil’ puppers is so happy with his human toy!

  5. That is pure unadulterated happiness. If only we could bottle it, we’d make a fortune!

  6. Shannomo says:

    My grandson loves my puggies so much that he thinks he’s supposed to lick them ;} He crawls to them and looks at them face to face and licks their faces (before he can be stopped). They love their “human” puppy!

  7. Absolutely made my day, PURE LOVE & JOY!

  8. dgerish says:

    That was just lovely. So much happiness and love!

  9. Hehe, that puppeh and baby are soo excited they both may poop their pants.

  10. I love the tail going THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP

  11. Clairedelune says:

    Yep, puppytail THUMP THUMP and baby squeals of joy — the best melody inthe world!!! 😀

  12. petless in Puddletown says:

    Licklicklicklicklicklicklicklicklick! Puppy kisses are the best!

  13. JuneBug says:

    We just saw the creation of a dog lover for life……

  14. I love to see such a happy and healthy exchange between a baby and a puppy! The puppy is so excited but still manages to be so gentle. It’s beautiful! 🙂

    As was posted earlier, that is a dog-lover for life, right there. XD

  15. Yes, that’s the beginning of a long friendship 🙂

  16. Aww, they’re both so happyyyyyy 😀