These emails came zooming in RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF WORLD TURTLE DAY SO WHAT’RE YA GONNA DO. Well, post ’em, of course. Before we go any furthur- let’s clear one thing up.

Turtles live in an aquatic environment.
Tortoises are primarily land-dwelling creatures.

That’s it. Now on with the show.

First up is Cuteporter Rebecca, who sez: “Here we find Elliott, the African spur-thighed tortoise, enjoying an exciting snack of wheat grass and yellow squash in honor of World Turtle Day. He’s fun little dude. Note the hilariously demanding look at the end.”

“Elliott is 13 years old and weighs almost 30 pounds. He enjoys grass, baby carrots, yellow squash, and more grass. On a good day he will eat his hay, but he’s often naughty and refuses it.”

Then we have Emily R. “I saw your post on Turtle Day and I thought I should send you this picture I snapped of a turtle-tortoise thing (I don’t really know the difference *blushes*) in Croatia a few years ago. I nicknamed ‘her’ Terencia (hence the picture name) and I think her markings are just beautiful.”

Terencia Turtle - Croatia
Yo Emily! More on the diff between turtles and torties here.



  1. CrankyAmy says:

    Skeksis it is!!! (that last look, that’s what I thought of).

  2. cgilder says:

    I think that’s a red eared slider in the last picture. But I’m not sure that they exist in Croatia…they certainly do in Texas, and they look just like that!

  3. Rebecca says:

    This one is another of my favorites:

    (Episode 3: In Which My Yardbirds Meet Elliott for the First Time; or, “What the Cluck is THAT?…”)

  4. When in doubt, tortle.

  5. Whooo! Flap your flippers in the air like you just don’t care!

  6. Smartypants says:

    Aww, I love Elliott’s little armored legs!

    Emily R’s pic looks like an Eastern Painted Terrapin – we have oodles in MA (would this be a “Croatian Painted Terrapin”?).

  7. I love Elliot’s horny tortiose-y face! 🙂

  8. That would be *tortoise-y

  9. HAHAHAHA, that’s my boyfriend’s tortoise! Rebecca was baby sitting him. Rock on, Elliot. You wild and crazy guy.

  10. Rachael says:

    I love the expression on Elliott’s face after he finishes the squash!! 🙂

  11. They need Colin Kaepernick as their spokesperson.

  12. lisaLASSIE says:

    Hooray to peeps who help turtles!!!!

  13. lisaLASSIE says:

    (Including turtles, tortoises and terrapins.

  14. Around here we call turtles that look like that last one painted turtles. We have loads and loads of them. My sisters and I took care of one for a summer when we were kids. (Mom found it in the road in front of our house. She thought it’d be better off in our wading pool.)

  15. That looks like a red eared slider turtle. A co-worker of mine has one. And he schooled me on the main difference between the 2…tortoises = land, turtles = water

  16. Rebecca says:

    Actually, I was tortoise-sitting. ;-p

  17. LL Tucker says:

    Smelliott, as he is more often called, is actually 14. He was born in San Diego in November 1998 and currently resides in Austin. I am grateful to my ex for helping me take care of my little guy whom I’ve had since he was the size of a half-dollar. He’s extraordinarily undersized for his age due to some medical issues. He’s fully recovered and gaining weight as fast as he can. He’s a toe-biting rascal!

  18. Elliott is the perfect name for a turtle.

  19. Rebecca says:

    Hey, LL! Wow, 14 already… time flies! When I first tortoise-sat for Smelliott he was 13, and I guess it stuck. Where did 2012 go, anyway?…

    He’s a fun house-guest! I like when he visits. 🙂 (Even the cats think he’s fascinating.) (The hens, not so much.)

  20. I would go with Red-Eared Slider on the “mystery” turtle. They love water. Definitely not a tortoise.