THIS JUST IN: Happy 6th Birthday To Maru!

Everyone’s fave Japan-based furball turns 6 today. Let’s celebrate with a collection of the “Best of Maru” from 2012. This video was JUST posted by Maru’s hoomin, moments ago.

Domo Arigato to Mugumogu, of course.


  1. petless in Puddletown says:

    Longevity and health to Maru! He is my surrogate cat since I descended into Petlessness. Thank you Mugumogu!!!!! (bows)

  2. AWW :D Happy Birthday, Maru, and many many more :D

  3. Reblogged this on Live, Love, Laugh, Dance, Pray and commented:
    So many reasons why I need a cat….sigh….

  4. Check out the photo of him in his 6th birthday cat hat – with points for ears even.

  5. Where’s the hat photo?!

  6. last try…

  7. It won’t show up in Firefox for some reason, but it will in Chrome—added!

  8. Strange. Oh well.

  9. Thank you to you both!

  10. They should just register him as a living Japanese treasure already.

  11. Fird Birfle says:


  12. One biggish cat makes a huge impact on the world. Many many happy returns of the day, Maru!

  13. Happy Birthday Maruuu :D

    Maru wearing his birthday cap:

  14. emmmjama says:

    Happy Birthday, Maru. Thank you and Mugumogu for many many happy moments.

  15. Happy birthday, Maru! May you be blessed with a gift of many boxes.

  16. Otanjoubi omedetou gozaimasu, Maru-chan!

  17. Plain and simple, I love this cat!!! Happy Birthday, Maru!

  18. Yasmine says:

    You’re a national treasure, Maru.

  19. maxtben1 says:

    National Treasure? One of the World’s Wonders I say! The beehive entry- tocks bit is off the charts cute BTW.

  20. Epic ehn!

  21. Does anyone know where one can buy one of those beehive things?

  22. 13bodies says:

    That is in the running for my favorite Maru moment ever.
    I can’t believe he’s six already!

  23. *Gasp!* At 1:25 a carpet is wrinkled in Maru’s perfect house. ;)

  24. Fird Birfle says:


  25. The mewing at the end! :D

    Does anyone know where the music is from?

  26. somewhere from here according to her site:
    “free music material MusMus I borrowed it from a person.”

  27. Maru Speaks!

  28. Bonne fête mon beau Maru!

  29. Fird Birfle says:

    HI GIGI <3 Fird Birfle

  30. Happy Birthday Maru-Chan!! :-)

  31. Only in Japan would they have cat hats like that.

  32. Sending Birthday Squeegles, Maru! ^_^

  33. mydragon says:

    My cats heard Maru’s meows near the end there and they perked up like it was a call to arms!

  34. doomchild says:

    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday to you,
    Happy birthday dear Maru-sama,
    Happy birthday to you!

  35. Jackie Rose says:

    Happy Birthday to dear Maru! I love the way he holds his front paws up before he jumps like a chubby little kangaroo.

  36. Jackie Rose says:

    That and the pre-pounce butt-wiggle are enough to keel me ded.

  37. Clairedelune says:

    Yes, the pre-pounce butt wiggle is especially effective because Maru’s tocks are so adorably round – and the tail, worthy of Brer Fox!! And those large, round floofy mittens!! Best wishes for many more box-filled years, Maru.

  38. Happy birthday Maru! My favorite cat in the whole world!

  39. Awwww..Happy Birffday Maru, you don’t look a day over 5!!
    Long and happy life may you live….kisses :)

  40. Fird Birfle says:


  41. Happy birthday, Maru! You bring joy to all.

  42. Chuck T says:

    We love you Maru !! from Chuck and Sue’s Fat Dumplings Sweetpea & Doodles !!!!

  43. Rachael says:

    Happy Birfday, Maru. You are a worldwide joy. I wish you nothing but happiness and good health in the years to come. And boxes, of course. :)

  44. Happy Birthday !!! It makes my day to see your big beautiful face. Have a good day..

  45. Linda Grimmer says:

    Hope he has 21 more like my oldest and many more. I love and enjoy every video and photo.

  46. Happiest of birthdays Maru! You’ve brought so much joy and laughter into my life – Thanks for being such a cool cat!

  47. Happy birthday, precious baby cat! I love you forever.

  48. 1) MARU!!!!!!!
    2) How do they keep that house soo clean????
    3) Happy birfday Maru!

  49. Maru diving into the boxes reminds me of how one of my previous kitty-boys, Reggie used to dive underneath newspapers that were on the floor. Maru gets a “10” from me for his form and technique! May you live a long, happy and healthy life, and don’t ever quit “boxing”!

    Terri from Indy


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