I’m Sorry, Baby (smooch!)

I didn’t mean to make fun of your tattoo. It’s very hip and edgy, really.

Via Bagsgroove.



  1. My bunny had a “T2” tattooed in her ear, and we would jokingly call her the terminator when she destroyed a newspaper or piece of cardboard.

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    Laugh at my tattoo all you want. Remember that night on the town when you chugged all that pure vegan carrot juice and ended up coming home with a key chain attached to your rabbits foot. hmmm remember that silly rabbit.

  3. 😆 It could of been worse, he could of woken up on top of a TV with aluminum foil wrapped around his ears!

  4. When i used to show rabbits in the 4H i would put little emoticons for their ID tat 🙂 Please no nuffings, the bunnies have to be marked in order for breeding and showing etc., it’s only a minor discomfort and it’s all numbed ahead of time with Lidocaine.

  5. doomchild (and Merri) says:

    I’m just curious: does the tattoo stay readable as the bunny gets older? Piglets and dogs have probs with tattoos, the numbers are usually just a mess after a few years.

    I think the emoticons were a cute idea 🙂

  6. I have never owned bunnies, but I think markings are a good idea. I don’t think microchips would work with bunnies, you wouldn’t know whether they were wild bunnies or escaped domesticated ones, unless they were very fancy. Being able to see a mark in their earsies would be very helpful.

  7. Rachael says:

    I have no problem with the tats if it helps keep them safe. I’m sure the slight discomfort is well worth the effort.

    Is big bunneh trying to eat little bunneh’s nose? Can’t say I blame him. 🙂

  8. I just got one of my kittehs micro-chipped yesterday, and they used Lidocaine on the skin to numb the injection site! I was very impressed – thought they would just poke it into her. 🙂

  9. That looked like a nom, not a kiss.. but the bunneh is nom-able too 🙂

  10. It kind of depends on the bunny, but it will generally last 2-3 years before it would either need to be redone because its started to fade or the ink starts to feather out a bit…but by that time the bunny is probably done showing so no reason to mark anymore. I miss my bunnies!! ^__^

  11. Actually, domestic buns and wild buns in the US are actually different species and do look different. Even those with the same agouti (grey/brown) coat do look different to an experienced eye.

    My bun is chipped, and our shelter chips all their buns. Tattoos are mostly used by breeders and 4H show people.