Clover is Sittin’ Pretty

Clover’s back! And better than ever! But, where did she come from?

“I came home one day two summers ago and discovered this little foundling in my fenced backyard. 10ish weeks old, scruffy, no tags, no collar, no chip. Attempts to find from whence she came failed. No one was looking for her, and I finally decided she must’ve been looking for me. She’s called Clover because she popped up in the backyard. And because she’s lucky.”

(“How did she get over the fence?)
The universe sends you a border collie, you don’t ask questions. But . . .I have another, older border collie. My theory is some kids brought home this puppy and when she started to exhibit puppy piddly behavior the parents decided it wasn’t for them. “Give her to that lady down the street; she’ll know what to do with her.” Six-foot fence, but there were no locks on the gates. The other theory is that one of my friends made her acquaintance and thought she’d make the perfect addition to my household. I’ve grilled the likely suspects over the years, but no one has ever fessed up. Attached is another photo of her during that phase when she was figuring out whether she would have floppy ears or pointy ears. I was always a little disappointed she didn’t decide to stick with one of each.”

– P. H.



  1. Coffee Cup says:

    I’m glad Clover found a wonderful home! I’m always irritated when people haven’t thought through pet care and ownership and just abandon them.

  2. What a beautiful pup!

  3. rescue gal says:

    I never find amazingly cute puppies in my backyard! Clover is a very lucky pup indeed. Let’s not forget the eye dots please.

  4. Eyebrowwwwww DOTS!!!! 🙂 such a lil cutie. Are you sure that the older border collie didn’t lure her in 🙂 I mean…I’m just sayin….maybe they wanted a friend 🙂

  5. I’m lookin’ over a four-footed Clover
    That had been overlooked before…

  6. No one ever leaves adorable puppies in my back yard, either 😦

  7. I did find an adorable puppeh once in my front yard. I live on a very busy street – yikes! – so I kept him on my porch while I called the 800 number, left a message, and the owners called back within a few hours. He’d been missing for 3 weeks and they only lived a block away from me. Weird… somebody must have been keeping him and gotten tired of him… cute little guy, black lab mix. 🙂

  8. Rachael says:

    Of course she was looking for you, just as you were looking for her. Dogs just know.

  9. Frances Warner says:

    What a wonderful sharing. I am so glad you were able to keep her. She is beautiful and I am sure a great companion for the older one. Our four leggers keep us young.

  10. I am such a sucker for one-ear-up-one-ear-down dogs.

  11. Me either 😦

  12. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    That is a lovely story. Clover truly was destined for you 🙂

    And me too, I don’t have lovely puppies appear in MY yard. No fair! **sits in the corner & cries**

  13. aw what a fun and presh story. dogs do have a way of finding you… my family’s dog growing up came to us that way – he just showed up on the farm one day as a little baby fluffball, settled right in, and stayed about 15 years ❤

  14. Reminds me of this news story from a year ago:

  15. Catwhisperer says:

    Don’t cry, KMP! Here, have a cookie – it’s your favorite kind. {hug} Now wipe your nose, and go play outside. 🙂

  16. “The Universe send you a Border Collie, you don’t ask questions.” Completely 100% agree. Mine is a blessing. 🙂 Awesome piece.