THIS JUST IN: Small Miracle In Moore, OK

Just watch.

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  1. Oh my goodness, how unbelievable is that? I mean her precious little puppers making it through and being rescued…not the seemingly braindead news reporter attempting to provoke some kind of preconceived emotional response from tough as nails grandma. God Bless Moore, OK!

  2. Rachael says:

    Oh man! I’ve been reading and watching so many stories of devastation and loss – this really fills my heart with joy.

  3. rescue gal says:

    Her cry of “HELP ME” breaks my heart every time.

  4. It just melted my heart

  5. BTW i watched the un-edited version at the link.

  6. my mascara runneth over. Tissue please. What a happy day!

  7. Melanie says:

    I’m crying right now.

  8. rescue gal says:

    Yes, I like that version because you can see the goggie walk away like “Get me OUTTA here”!

  9. Mary Cessna says:

    I was soooo happy to see this!

  10. Saffron says:

    What a beautiful lady she is. I am so happy she is reunited with her beloved doggeh.

  11. Mary Cessna says:

    Me too! So happy for her!

  12. Wow, God does answer prayers!! Thank goodness for the person who was searching the debris and saw the dog’s face. He was meant to be found on national TV. Hope this wonderful lady and her best friend recover quickly.
    Continue to pray for the victims, theirs anipals and all the rescue & assistance personnel.
    Thanks CO!!

  13. Cleosmom says:

    Mine too … I know reporters have to be objective but come on. CBS would be more impressive if the crew had showed a little more humanity. She shouldn’t even have to have asked for help.

  14. Saw this early this morning and the tears were just streaming. Broke my heart and uplifted me at the same time. Poor little guy.

  15. Mamabear says:

    Amen, I thought the same thing, “Why aren’t these fools helping this poor lady?!” This isn’t Wild Kingdom where they have to watch and not interfere with the cheetah taking down the baby gazelle cause it’s the circle of life. I know everything’s gotta eat, but this wasn’t the case, here.

    She shouldn’t have had to ask the young, spry reporters to help her lift debris off her pup. I am disappoint in that CBS crew.

    Yay for this reunion and I hope for many more to occur, both animal AND human!

  16. Where is the unedited version?

  17. I assumed the reporters were just kind of stunned for a minute and also didn’t think about the lady not being able to lift the debris by herself. I, myself, was thinking “why isn’t she picking up her dog?” and didn’t think, until she said it, that she wasn’t able to lift it. And I’m no youngster, I’m close to the lady’s age so should have realized it.

  18. The one I saw (unedited, I guess?) showed the dog trotting away at the end, seemingly not hurt, or at least not seriously. YAY

  19. rescue gal says:
  20. SlaveToCat says:

    Wish I had the room for a sweet homeless grammie and doggie.
    Hope she has someone to give her a place to stay for a while and she doesn’t end up in some pay by the hour motel.

  21. I got a kick out of her answer – That’s life in the big city. Like, Quit asking stupid questions, ya little whipper snapper, we got work to do here! 🙂

  22. As a long time newsgal, I can say the goal is to NOT be part of the story, but in situations like this, you step up and help. I spent an afternoon once trying to help a woman find her purse buried in the rubble of her house (destroyed by tornado), because her life was in that bag. Sometimes, you have to put the notepad/microphone down and lend a hand.

    Long way of saying I would have rushed that doggeh and helped get him out!

  23. SlaveToCat says:

    And don’t any of you Hollywood tv reporter types get any fancy ideas. She aint Dorothy and I’m no Toto.

  24. I just made the decision to get all my kittehs micro-chipped. I’ve always thought it would be a waste of money, be/c they don’t even try to get out of the house. But… after seeing this…

  25. Y. Teresa says:


  26. If you liked that response you should see the unedited version, the newslady asks, “Do you realize yet what has happened here?” And grammie goes, “Oh, i know EXACTLY what happened here.” i lol’d and felt a combination of embarrassment for and anger at her for asking such an ignorant question.

  27. I get so annoyed by the inane questions reporters ask after big tragedies. When this reporter asked, “Are you able to comprehend what happened here?” I loved it that the doggie’s mother said defiantly, “I know exactly what happened here.” (I acknowledge that I am passing judgment by indicating that her statement was defiant, but it sure sounded that way to me)

  28. It would seem that the embedded 47 second version has been replaced with the 3 minute unedited one 🙂

  29. What a lovely lady – so gently matter-of-fact about what had happened to her. And her sweet voice when her puppeh appeared. I pray someone will take them both in and love them. Prayers for all are flowing down from Canada.

  30. Wow. Bless them.

  31. Watched about an hour of news last nite an again when I got up this am. just too heart wrenching to watch anymore. came to C.O. cause I knew it would be a first aid place for our hearts.
    the pics., heartwarming videos and the comments.

  32. SuburbanPrairie says:

    Beautiful. There seems to be something in my eye…

  33. Jackie Rose says:

    Someone pass the Kleenex, please …

  34. What an amazing lady, and I’m so so so glad she and her furry friend found each other again. I can’t imagine what she’s going through.

  35. I know, one time I was watching coverage of a plane crash. A community leader was telling the reporter that everyone was upset and he asked “why?”. The leader snapped “Are YOU used to seeing dead body parts lying around?”.

  36. Dude! Quit cutting the onions!

  37. whawhawhatsis says:

    It sounded exactly that way to me, too, Sprock. In fact, my husband and I both just agreed that her unspoken comment was, “You idiot reporter!” You go, OK lady!

  38. Janet in Cambridge says:

    Me, too. Her sweet little voice saying, “Help me. Oh, oh, oh.” Put the damn camera down and help an old lady pull her companion dog out of the rubble. That’s all she’s got left. Tears streaming down my cheeks. I’m so happy for her and her pooch.

  39. Should be labled NSFW. Just hope nobody stops by my desk anytime soon.

  40. ShazzaNorth says:

    Thank you Grace! But did you find the purse?

  41. The dog didn’t bark.

  42. Birdcage says:

    I hope that pupperoni gets to curl up in the softest bed today to recover, with lots of skritches and treats and belleh rubs. Hope that darling older lady gets the same treatment!!! I know that reporter is catching a lot of flack for what some people perceive as a delay between the finding of the dog and her stepping in to help. Maybe I’m naive but I like to think the reporter was simply handing off her microphone and looking for safe footing in the debris field so that she could get in there to lend a hand ….

  43. I’m with you two! Go, Grammie, for ignoring the stupid questions! And she had to ask for help . . . . at least the reporters found the pup! So they weren’t entirely useless!

  44. Shannon says:

    In defense of the people not rushing in to help, the reporter was on the left and was blocked by the woman, and the girl on the right who spotted the dog was pretty much blocked by some large twisted thing and would have had to climb over the dog’s place to get to them. She did try to move whatever that piece of debris was.

    Saw this at lunch today and was sitting in my car crying. Hope no one saw me. 😛

  45. Oh wow, that reporter didn’t know how to conduct and interview so they came across as clueless. So happy the lady found the dog or rather the dog crawled through rubble to get to the sound of his masters voice. It just wanted to get the heck outta there. I pray that all the lost pets are reunited with their owners. People forget that dogs and cats are members of the family not just an object that can be replaced like furniture. This tornado hammered Oklahoma. Direct hits on schools. Unbelievable saddness.

  46. YES I did! She and her husband left for a little while to get some hot food. While she was gone I worked my way to what was left of their dining room, dug through a few piles & finally found it.

  47. Yes, so patronising. And unhelpful, obviously the poor woman could not bend down any further to pick him up. Brave woman and brave little doggy reunited – that will save them both in the coming months.

  48. Ditto! Sorry, but – as a whole – the “press” are just a bunch of useless tools. SHAME on the camerman and “reporter” for not putting down their stuff immediately and helping. (1) It’s not as though they were the only people from the media available to document this event; (2) the reporter’s questions were just inane blather – she wasn’t doing Pulitzer Prize winning work there; (3) common decency requires us to aid our neighbors and even strangers in emergencies. Sheesh!

  49. I think I would also be wary of moving the wrong thing and having the whole mess come crashing down on the poor doggie. You never know which piece of debris is holding everything else up. It’s like disaster Jenga.

  50. Reblogged this on Serenity is a fuzzy belly and commented:
    Having grown up in tornado country and making it through dozens of twisters (luckily, only hit by one), I understand the sense of inevitability this woman has. As an animal lover, I understand the pain and joy she’s feeling. Yes, I’m sure just about everyone has seen this by now, but it’s worth a repeat, and let’s pray for everyone affected by the storms (So far, so good for my friends and family in Oklahoma!).

  51. and your point is…………….?

  52. I’m not going to lie, this one hit me VERY hard, right IN THE FEELS!

  53. rescue gal says:

    Rescuing a doggie is not safe for work?

  54. I was crying at my desk. Not very professional.

  55. lisaLASSIE says:

    Yes that was a dumb question: but then she redeemed herself by telling her idiot crew to help the old lady who clearly could not remove that rubble.

  56. schnauzie?!

  57. sabrina rose says:

    Those guys were numb-nuts at first, yes? I was screeching, “Help her, you fools!!!” But all’s well that ends well, such a disaster shocks everyone out of their normal responses, and God blessed this lady and her doggy.

  58. I think doggie was quite traumatized.

  59. I agree, none of the news crew were standing right next to her, so of course it took them a second to get over there and help.

  60. I wondered why, that’s all.

  61. I got that exact same impression, and I loved her response. These reporters don’t have the sense God gave a duck. No offense to the ducks….

  62. {:’-(“

  63. doomchild (and Merri) says:

    Miracles do happen, said The Cynicist after watching this video, wiping tears from her cheeks.

  64. I thought the exact same thing. Even the reporter woman should have put down the stupid mic, run over there and helped the poor pup. That baby could have been injured. Anything for a story…at any expense. UGH! God bless that woman, her pup and all those affected by the tornados. My God give you peace, aid and hope.

  65. All three of my cats are micro-chipped. Less than 3% of lost pets without them find their way home. It goes up to a bit over 50% if they are micro-chipped. If I lost my babies…it would just tear me apart!!!

  66. Maybe because he was traumatized….

  67. Looks like a Scottie to me….poor baby was in shock. Sure hope the owner and doggie were checked over to make sure everything was ok.

  68. I was too. Hoping nobody came into my cube at that time…

  69. My thought exactly. We cannot know what’s going through the reporter’s mind at that moment (though, admittedly, what came out of her mouth earlier was not awe-inspiring, as discussed above ), but in the end she did help. I am just happy the doggy was apparently not seriously injured, and that they found him before he had to suffer any longer.

  70. This is so wonderful *happy*

  71. Coffee Cup says:

    To be fair, there were other people there who weren’t holding an expensive camera and they weren’t talking so of all people who should be putting stuff down to help the lady, I’m glad the camera person was still rolling 🙂

  72. Very happy for this lady and her schnauzer. i had a chunky schnauzer that looked just like her dog. its no surprise the dog survived, schnauzers are hearty little Germans!

  73. It’s true! The little fella seems utterly unimpressed with his mom’s goings-on and is ready to report for duty.

  74. mplsdeb says:


  75. Andréa says:

    Yes, I really cried when that happened. She’s been through so much (along with everyone else in that town), I’m so glad that her dog was ok.