THIS JUST IN: Severe Tornado In OKC

There’s been severe damage and 51 deaths reported after massive tornado activity in Moore, Oklahoma, which is in the Oklahoma City area. CNN reports the tornado was two miles wide. CO hopes everyone in the area is OK, including this little guy. Maeghan Hadley of 1 Day Ranch Rehab and Rescue Center is shown helping out.

According to the Red Cross, the best way to help tornado victims is to donate on the Red Cross site or text REDCROSS to 90999.




First 2 photos from, taken by Sue Ogrocki, AP. Other photos from the One Day FB page.



  1. I grew up in tornado alley in Texas and have experienced several twisters firsthand. They were all terrifying, you really do think you are about to meet your maker when you hear that eerie freight train sound coming. My condolences to these people. And kittehs.

  2. fleurdamour says:

    PS – Methinks it’s love at first sight between that lovely lady and tinee tabbee.

  3. Poor kitteh.. look on its face is the perfect “WTF was that??” look..

    Prayers for those in harm’s way..

  4. Rachael says:

    Sending good thoughts and prayers to those in harm’s way, both hooman and otherwise. This has been a terrible time for our friends in the Midwest.

  5. I saw the incredible devastation on the news, my heart goes out to the people of Oklahoma. I applaud all the rescue workers and all the volunteers who help the humans and animals affected by this tragedy.

  6. Wonder where its Mama is.. 😦

  7. rescue gal says:

    I was too! I hope if there are more, they can all be found safely. 😦

  8. We’ve had a few scares here in Illinois over the past few years. I’m so grateful for the info available about how to protect your pets during such times. Please microchip and keep it current (if you move it’s your responsibility to update the tracking service). Thunder shirts are great for animals suffering from storm anxiety. Include who grabs each pet when you discuss emergency sheltering plans. It gave me great comfort being prepared when storms would rumble through. Tonight will be no different.

  9. Same here 😦 That sweet little kitty looks about three weeks old 😦 If I could, I would go there and adopt him/her in a heartbeat.

  10. Be real careful, trixandsam! Stay in your basement, if you have one, until this is all over and hopefully real soon.

  11. Clairedelune says:

    Bless the Meghans of the world for showing love to such creatures large and small. The tinee tabbee is just precious – it needs a loving home. My heart goes out to all who are suffering tonight. Disasters like this should remind us that we are all just feathers in the wind… and how foolish it is to waste so much of our lives hating and fighting.

  12. SlaveToCat says:

    Leave the kids and kitties alone you stupid Tornadoes.

  13. That first photo!! So good!

  14. 😥 Sadly, Tornadoes don’t listen to reason, SlaveToCat 😥

  15. i saw this in the news. i’m glad someone submitted it. we’re all tiny tabbies to a tornado. and the world’s full of tornadoes, swirling or otherwise. survive, then help those who survived. it’s why we’re bigger than the winds.

  16. That lady in the first picture personifies every single person reading this post.

  17. Loving thoughts and hopes for recovery to all people and kittehs and everyone in OK and elsewhere affected by the tornadoes.

  18. pupfanatic says:

    Oh God. I am absolutely terrified. TERRIFIED for the 4 legged babies over there. I can’t even read about it, I will cry my eyes out. PLEASE GOD, PLEASE take care of all the doglets and kitlets.

    Thank you.

  19. I’m always amazed at how animals survive such incredible events. I covered a tornado scene once, where one of the home owners (while cradling her small dog in her arms) told me about several of her cats that were missing (the garage they were in had been obliterated; the house destroyed). One by one over the three or four days after the storm, they came wandering out of the nearby woods, back to the rubble that once was their house. They were scared, hungry and wet, but back in the arms of their very worried momma.

    The NYT has some photos that are just breaking my heart this morning…

    (poor kitteh looks quite thoroughly freaked out, and rightly so)


    The whole slideshow has some pretty powerful images.

  20. JenDeyan says:

    That first picture is me. It’s such a perfect shot. I would have been exactly same. “Come here, you precious little dear.”

  21. Birdcage says:

    Well said, blair. The world IS full of tornados – swirling and otherwise. We gotta look out for each other when we are able.

  22. Madame X says:

    Prayers and healing thoughts for all creatures, great and small, affected by these horrible storms. I think tornadoes are scarier than hurricanes, because they are so random and sudden…

  23. Saffron says:

    Am sending prayers and hugs to humans and anipals in Oklahoma and the entire midwest.

    Sent a donation to Red Cross…check with your employer to see if they match; mine does so double the money will go to Red Cross!

    Sending comfort hugs from NH…I wish I could wrap my arms around the people in OK and give them hugs. 😦 😦

  24. Coffee Cup says:

    Also text 90999 to send $10 to the Red Cross!

  25. Coffee Cup says:

    Good news! A woman who survived the tornado found her dog while she was being interviewed by CBS.

  26. Dang it Coffee Cup. Now I have something in my eye. Too sweet of a video. My thoughts go out to those out in OK…I hope we can soon have people there be…okay.

  27. Madame X says:

    I was just going to share that video! Darn allergies are acting up, and with all the invisible onions someone is slicing around here… Sniff!

    “God answered both prayers…” What a beautiful lady!

  28. mindadale says:

    I work for a company that has many buildings in Kansas City, MO. After the devastating tornadoes there last year, our HR department sent out photos to everyone showing the destruction to our properties. They neglected to edit the photo that included the image of a clearly passed doggeh and some of us were rather upset by it.
    Weeks later they sent another email updating everyone. While they weren’t able to find out who owned the pooch, a VP with a large farm in the area had taken him home and found a proper burial place for the little guy. Knowing that did make me feel a little better.

  29. Athena's mom says:

    Sent my donation–question: Is anyone else alarmed by the bottom picture, in that something distinctly furry-looking is amidst the rubble?? I hope I’m mistaken…

  30. Holy crap. i wouldn’t have even been coherent if that had been me. I’m just about not, just sitting here watching it.

  31. Brianna says:

    Thank you for posting this . I just lost a foster kitten yesterday and this kitten looks just like the one I lost, it makes me feel like she’s forgiving me somehow…

  32. That’s just yellow insulation. Yeah, at first glance it made my heart jump.

  33. Check this out CO peeps – dazed doggeh recovered from rubble:

  34. Rachael says:

    I just burst into tears when I read that and then went back to look at the picture. I’m just so happy to be among such good company.

  35. Vw-chan says:

    Good freaking grief, my niece actually went to one of the schools that got hit. Luckily, she was one of the few that were evacuated before the tornado hit. To all of you sending prayers and donating, thank you.

  36. Coffee Cup says:

    It looks like furniture stuffing to me.

  37. Yes, I just know I would like her. And I agree that she personifies CO peeps.

  38. Storms blew through last night with just a few heavy branches down. We were very fortunate. But Trixie was not happy with the thunder.

  39. Ain’;t that the truth! It’s such a great natural reaction shot. I’m sure tinee tabee is in excellent hands.

  40. lisaLASSIE says:

    Thank goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  41. Clairedelune says:

    Agreed. Kids and kitties and puppehs should be immune to all bad things.

  42. I am so glad to hear that, Vw-chan!