It’s Bunday, And I Am Sleeping IN

And I’ll sleep in any position I want. Call me around 2pm.

Another Top Quality Vid served up by R0M4N Borisov.


  1. EEE! That lil’ bunny looks like a lil’ piggy in a bunny suit.

  2. Until the person roused the bunny at the end, I wasn’t entirely convinced it was not a stuffed animal.

  3. kallisto73 says:

    Someone has really dirty bun feetz :)

  4. dgerish says:

    Poor little bun! I was annoyed at first that the person woke him, then remembered that I’ve done the same thing to my kittehs. It’s irresistible.

  5. Those Russians, emerging superpower of QTE!!!

  6. 4leafclover says:

    It’s Bunnicula, the vampire bunny!

  7. This wake up call is so adorable lmao! There is something about little bunnies that I have never gotten over. I showed my gf this and she went crazy with joy. She says she wants a pet bunny now when she is an adult… I don’t know if that is going to happen since we have a cat now.. haha. I must say that it is darn cute though!

  8. the guy isn’t speaking in russian.. not even close.. i would know, i’m russian myself

  9. Really? I was going by the cyrillac font and the name. Cute though seems to be universal.

  10. I just died several times…


  11. Laura DragonWench says:

    Sounds like the guy is Filipino to me, though I could be way off. That still doesn’t explain the Cyrillic title. *scratches head*

  12. I believe the person who made this video is Thai, says my Thai boyfriend who watched it with me. Also, if anyone can tell me the species name, I would be very grateful. We want one so bad!