Kitteh #1 seriously wants his friend to wake up. The friend AKA Kitteh #2, seriously ain’t havin’ it.

“I came across this video of two kittehs, and thought they might merit Cutevaluation.” -Submeesh from Barb B. of Concord, CA. Video by Trollswaggy3.



  1. Please consider sending a donation today to help kittens like these who, through no fault of their own, are hopelessly addicted to catnip. Just pennies a day…

  2. SixFootJen says:

    If you can’t wake ’em, join ’em!

  3. victoreia says:


  4. “Hey, wake up! I wanna sleeps too.”

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    Hey come down off your perch. You know I can’t sleep unless you are purrring in my ear as I lay next to you.

  6. Hey wake wake wake *fall*
    Hey wake wake wake *fall*

  7. This is another video of them: http://youtu.be/CukS3tbOjXM

  8. this just dunned me in. ded from qte. must sleep now too

  9. Are you sure Stripey Kitteh is not dead?

  10. This is a repeat post.

  11. This is off the charts Qte, omg… The dismount at 0:15 is perfection.

  12. Wake up tinee tabbee
    Wake up tinee tabbee
    We gotta go home

  13. Two of my kids will let me sleep as long as I want to . But, that’s what I go through every morning times four ! Right down to the toe nomming. I can’t lock them out of the bedroom ’cause A: it might hurt their feelings B: I’m so used to going to sleep with them warming my feet , snuggling up to my tummy under the blankets ,& keeping a spot on my hip warm that now I have a hard time going to sleep without them ! (sigh) Oh well, what’s a mommy to do ?

  14. Clairedelune says:

    Understand completely!! Gotta have that warm spot on the bed and the purring in your ear… 😀

  15. The first cat my husband and I had as a couple 38 years ago we decided was not going to sleep in our bed so we closed the door. The kitten scratched at the door for 2 hours strait. We’ve never tried to close the bedroom door to our pets since.

  16. 😆 AWW 😆 The things kittens do 😆 I so want to cuddle both of them 🙂

  17. Yeah, I can either put up with Nellie sleeping on my face or put up with her meowing outside the bedroom door all night.

  18. Sooo cute!!! Thanks for posting that. And at the end they are both tired and sleeping! Just two bundles of cuteness!

  19. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    Har! If you can’t lick’em, join’em!

  20. Marjorie Berkowitz says:

    What’s for snacks in the Mod Lounge? Got any milk ‘n’ cookies?

  21. Just out of the oven!

    The milk is being pulled right now. Line up, kitties!