All Hail King Brunswick!

Prince of Pins! Lord of the Lanes! High Exalted Baron of Bowling! Long may he wear the regal red crown, and may his balls never end up in the gutter!

Via Zitona.



  1. WOW he looks exactly like my T-Two down to the long suffering look 😆

  2. that photo kind of hurts my eyes. it’s like none of it is in focus but it’s weirdly not out of focus, either. it looks like a really bad job of retouching, but to what purpose?

    okay. cute cat. bu’ ser’usly. c.o-worthy?

    shoulda said “can’t spare a c.o.”

  3. Theresa says:

    Defs has a Dude-ish look about him.

  4. Nope. The ear splayage, and the fact that his chin is being held just so, plus the totally p*ssed off “I’m gonna get you for this” expresh, convinces me that this is a real photo. Of a real cat. Perhaps taken with a poor quality camera phone?

    Actually, I don’t really mind if it is re-touched or ‘shopped. It’s very creative.

  5. SlaveToCat says:

    His balls may never be in the gutter but here at CO, any posting can end up in the gutter faster than the sleekest ferret.

  6. wannadance says:

    is it the concussion, but does anyone else see the vaporous scary thing floating out of the coffee cup, on our right? what could this mean?

  7. Possibly the wandering spirits of cat owners past who have also tried to pull this sort of stunt on their kitties.

  8. Zola Bunny says:

    the heavy-handed retouching on the hand made me almost think it was CGI or something – cute kitty though…

  9. i think the coffee cup is painted like the Flag of Qatar, not a bowling pin.

  10. olivialovesfurrycreatures says:

    Definitely from Qatar. The flag painted coffee mug, the red and white scarf thing the hoomin is sporting… Poor kitty though, doesn’t look happy at all.

  11. Someone’s drapes are in for some serious shredding 😆