What’s a Girl Like You Doing in a Dive Like This?

I’ve been deep-sea diving since I was old enough to swim, and I guess you could say I’ve seen it all. Gossamer jellyfish billowing like clouds, delicate fingers of coral in crystal blue reefs, the glint of sunlight reflected by vast schools of fish. But nothing can prepare you for the day you encounter your very first mermaid.

(Photo removed, but may be seen at Karen Dillabough Photography on Facebook.)



  1. skippymom says:

    Underwater dog pictures are definitely among the most awesomest things in the universe.

  2. I concur. With the addition of NOMTOM’s hilarious commentary, they move even farther up the scale.

  3. Rachael says:

    It’s like their true personalities don’t come out until they’re under water.

    Best part is the Jerry Lewis-esque hovertext. 🙂

  4. Seconded! LOL

  5. Underwater dog faces always make me giggle.

  6. Janet in Cambridge says:

    I just knew mermaids were real!

  7. My interest was peaked because this looks like a Seth Casteel photo, and I did an image search, and it may probably be a photo by Karen Dillabough. Either way, it is definitely not the rightful content of that flickr user that is linked to on this post. As a photographer, it breaks my heart when copyrights are stolen. I would love to see this credit changed to the rightful photographer.

  8. Thank you for the names. I’ve edited the post to link to the photo rather than reproduce it.