If You Liked High Diving Giraffes…

…then “Elephant Jumping On Trampoline” should be right up your alley. Thanks to Commenter Baileysgrandmom for the teep!

PS -For the folks on Facebook who thought the giraffes were real (face palm,) say it with me. “THIS. IS. COMPUTER. GENERATED.”



  1. I suppose next you’ll tell me there is no such thing as a petite lap giraffe.

  2. I just discovered you can mime a giant “SQUEEEE”
    (My husband is on a business call and I can’t make noise)

  3. It was pretty obvious the giraffes where CGI the moment I saw them walk. It was too “smooth” and lacked the proper “jerk” of a real physical giraffe.

  4. 4leafclover says:

    I had such a knot in my stomach watching this! I kept thinking the trampoline would break! (Yes, yes, I know it’s not real, but still…)

  5. baileysgrandmom says:

    Harumph! That’s baileysgrandMOM, knave! Wait, maybe you were trying to say “baileys grand is DA BOMB…???” Apology accepted!

  6. sabrina rose says:

    Yes, I had stomach flutters also. How awful if the elephant fell off! And yesterday, for half a minute during their opening walk, I did think the giraffes were real. Hey, it isn’t good CGI if it doesn’t make you hold your breath for a few seconds, right??

  7. @baileysgrandmom, if you check the link, you will notice that you mistyped your name in the original comment.

    Thanks for finding this! It was fun to watch.

  8. I fixed everything!

  9. It’s pretty obvious that its CG, for many reasons, esp. because Elephants can’t jump.

  10. I had forgotten about this video! Back when my oldest was a toddler, we taught him t use a mouse so he could hit replay on this YouTube video without us having to get up every 2 minutes! Oh, and the discovery channel’s BoomDeYadah commercial!

  11. Shazzie says:

    And they say that elephants can’t jump… pffft
    (actually, this is indeed a fact, as ellies don’t even like to have more than one foot off the ground at any time)
    But I wholeheartedly applaud the triple backflip! Bravo

  12. doomchild says:

    I’m still waiting for mine 😦

  13. Michael says:

    I didn’t notice the copyright dates, but I’d guess elephant was first. The giraffes actually had me fooled for quite a while, till I decided the ramp was too perfect (exactly their head height?) and they were walking in too orderly a fashion without being herded. But still, when the giraffe looked up at the overhead camera, I was prepared to believe it was real. Maybe I just don’t know enough about elephants, but this one never fooled me. Didn’t seem as crisp, feet seemed wrong, front leg action seemed wrong. Still a great animation, though. Have to be a heckuva trampoline, though.

  14. KittyMom says:

    Actually, I was waiting for it go through the roof.

  15. That’s what I get for letting my petite lap giraffe proofread my comments…

  16. Rachael says:

    I thought it was real too, including when that one giraffe tried to snorgle the camera. 🙂 I’m not nearly cynical enough for this world. 🙂

  17. Alice Shortcake says:

    The elephant vid must be a few years old – a gif based on it has been used as an avatar for a long time now.

  18. I think this is Shep from “George Of The Jungle”.

  19. Quite the agile elephant!

  20. Wait .. Wait .. You mean that’s not Dumbo ? I thought he could fly ?!

  21. Cathie Miles says:

    I felt like I was a kid again and wanted to believe every minute of it…..such fun that you just forget every care in the world for a short time….thank you!