Dogs R Good For Your <3

The American Heart Association’s got some news. Wanna hear?

Quoting their release: “Owning a pet, particularly a dog, could reduce your risk of heart disease.” #WIN.

“Dog ownership in particular may help reduce cardiovascular risk. People with dogs may engage in more physical activity because they walk them.” #DOUBLEWIN.


“Pets can have a positive effect on the body’s reactions to stress.” #TRIPLEWIN.

~The Creditos~
Video #1 from the Pet Collective.
Photo 1: “This is my moms Shorkie (Shih tzu/yorkie) puppy Georgie. She named him Georgie after George Strait after she tried to get tickets to his concert and they sold out immediately, so she used her ticket money to buy Georgie. I think she got the better bargain!” -Amy S.
Photo 2: From Reddit.
Photo 3: “This is Millie, my sweet foster doggie, telling me that SHE rescued me…isn’t that the truth?” -Jenn K.



  1. guaranteed 100% less days without fun and love, for sure.

  2. They probably mean “Who rescued whom?” . . Just sayin’.

  3. sabrina rose says:

    “A puppy a day makes the pain go away!” (or kitten/hamster/peeg/birdie/horse, etc.)

  4. That one pup in the video just wanted to reach out & boop someone !

  5. Funny, that is what grabbed my attention as well!

  6. She spent her money in a much better way. 🙂

  7. Yes, dogs are good for your heart (and soul) and so much more cuddly than pills! 🙂

  8. Rachael says:

    The ferocious growlingks!!! 🙂

    I have to say that even if having a dog somehow increased my risk of heart disease, I’d still have one. I never want to spend another day on earth without a doggie.

  9. Assuming the dog owner doesn’t have a heart attack from what the dog tries to destroy. (“No! Don’t eat that!”)

  10. I’ve been watching the hockey play-offs as of late and I must say, the body check at 15 seconds in the video, is quite impressive. I wonder how his puck handling skills are?

  11. rescue gal says:

    And having a rescued dog is not only good for your heart, but your soul, your karma, humanity…..

  12. mariposas says:

    Help!!! Anyone know what kinda doggie is in photo #2??? the black and white pup sitting in the grass….please help…

  13. Photo credits above say: Photo 1: “This is my moms Shorkie (Shih tzu/yorkie) puppy Georgie.

  14. Photo credits above say: Photo 1: “This is my moms Shorkie (Shih tzu/yorkie) puppeh Georgie.