Twofer Toebeansday #2

It’s Moose the Poose’s very first Toebeansday so he’s a little shy. We get that.

No rush, Moose the Poose. Whenever you’re ready.

Yay! There they are! That wasn’t so hard after all!

Meanwhile, young Morgan Freeman is all, “Put your toebeans in the air like you just don’t care!”

From the top, Tracy R., “A few “submeeshons” for your next Twofer Toebeans Day! These adorable pink toebeans belong to our Moose the Poose. When we rescued him he was a sleek hunter…but has since decided that he is much better suited to being a big fat spoiled rotten house cat.”
Christine D., “We just adopted a tiny kitten here, and thought he was pretty cute 🙂 Definitely check out his toe beans. We named our little guy Morgan Freeman because he looks so distinguished.”



  1. Yay for rescutes! And yay for big fat spoiled rotten house cats!

  2. SlaveToCat says:

    That is the prettiest and softest Moose I’ve ever seen.

  3. Theresa says:

    Moose is magnificent! A delicious cognac. 😉 And Morgan Freeman! What delicious shamelessness. 😛

  4. Theresa says:

    Oh no! Moderated! I wonder what I said. Anyway, I see some leftover breakfast burrito . . .

  5. What beautiful eyes Moose has!

  6. I loves me a great honking big orange tabby boy.

    We always called the black-central-bean-surrounded-by-pink-beans pattern young Morgan is sporting, the “hoof bean” pattern, especially when the black arm fur comes up to meet the black bean.

  7. I can’t take it ! I’m going in for some serious huffing action in 3….2….1…Dive, Dive, Dive !

  8. Mmm… cinnamon toebeans are my favorite! And I like the mix of white and dark chocolate as well.

  9. Coffee Cup says:

    Are orange tabbies usually bigger than their gray or brown counterparts? Mine seems gigantic but the vet insists he’s a normal size.

    Morgan Freeman is a great name for a cat.

  10. wuyizidi says:

    I’ve seen a lot of orange tabbies that are same size as gray or brown ones, but then I’ve also seen several that are really big (big head, big torso…). Maybe because vast majority of orange tabbies are male?

  11. jlamusings says:

    I’ve had all sizes of the ginger guys too. One was kinda average sized (although quite round!), one was HUGE (to quote a vet dumping him outta the carrier: “Good lord is that a mountain lion?”), and my present one is downright mini (9-10 lbs)

  12. I so want to snorfle the belly on that second kitty

  13. That kitten is one of the cutest I’ve ever seen. I love the white whiskairs against black cheeks action!

  14. Christine says:

    Thanks for posting my picture! Morgan is the bomb, he sleeps like this all the time 🙂

  15. 😆 I would of just LOVE to seen a video of that vet saying that as your HUGE ginger kitty came out of the cat carrier, jilamusings 😆

  16. Same here 😀

  17. I am so glad that you are able to give both kitties a loving forever home, Christine 😀