News Updates from the Exciting World of Competitive Eating

Due to budget constraints, contestants at the 24th annual Cracker Eating Contest in East Blayvin, CT were reduced to eating one cracker apiece. After a photo finish failed to determine the winner, first, second and third place were awarded by drawing straws, which the contestants also ate.




  1. Beancandy says:

    Love the matching pyjamas!

  2. CT? This is reaching Japanese levels of cuteness!

  3. Being a cat owner, the whole dog training thing just cracks me up. When I get the cat treats out, I’ve got cats just about swarming up my pant legs. And not a durn thing I can do about it! 🙂

  4. The cracker eating is crackin’ me up.

  5. What was the signal, anyway? A dog whistle?

  6. Not to mention the stealing (from eachother)!

  7. Have you been in my house?!?

  8. I love the two quick-checking each other, while the one doesn’t let anything break his concentration! And Pugs wearing hoods – bonus cuteness!

  9. jessicavye says:

    I saw those looks too. And, after the action, the side-eye just to see if, by some chance, somebody overshot his cracker.

  10. I’m pretty sure the one on the left ‘won’ ..

  11. I really hope that those were cheese straws.