Got Your GRUMPY Right Here!

tardarWe got an email from Dustin T.: “I work for a huge public arts facility in Huntsville, Alabama. We organized a group art project to create works based on the Grumpy Cat meme. Thirty-three professional artists created their own takes on the work. The mediums span everything from painting, to rug-hooking, to stained glass, to chain mail.”










(Hovers provided by their website.)



  1. “Sir” Grumpsalot? Too bad that they don’t know that Tarder is a female cat.. 🙂

  2. How wonderful!

  3. Wow…this is impressive.
    Hope Tarder’s hoomins get a cut of the sales! She is just wonderful!!

  4. doomchild says:

    Now that’s real art, and those are real artists! 🙂

  5. But that may well explain the grumpy expression in this portrait?

  6. Mayhap he was depicting Lady Grumpsalot of Tarth, cousin to Brienne?

  7. I absolutely love Sir Grumpsalot and also the last one the stone-cold Grumpy cat.

    Number two doesn’t look grumpy he looks like his head has a boo boo and I just want to cuddle him and make him feel better.

  8. The man with the statue nailed the grumpy face. Love it!

  9. i was going to say that was my favorite! Or maybe it’s the sculptor’s grumpy face… 🙂

  10. Ab-so-freaking-loutely !!!!! Great call Carol ! Forget winter, GRUMPY is coming !

  11. What the sculpture’s face might lack the sculptor’s face makes up for ! I wish I had been involved in that project !

  12. Smartypants says:

    These are great! I esp. like the stained glass and the watercolor.

    The sculpture reminds me of Japanese “beckoning cat” good-luck figurines (only in this case it’s a “cat telling you to get lost” figurine!)

  13. wuyizidi says:

    Tarder is more of a ‘Goodbye Kitty’ than ‘Hello Kitty’.

  14. katrinab73 says:

    it is very awesome

  15. I got way too distracted and amazed at the middle-ish (Katherine) lady’s frown. I tried so hard to get my mouth to frown like that but it doesn’t. How does she make that face?!

  16. I have a painted cat rock!

  17. We can just pretend that the “Sir Grumpsalot” is her ancestor. 😛

  18. JenDeyan says:

    Since I am such a Grumpy Cat fangirl and wild about Game of Thrones, this satisfies two obsessions in one sentence. ^_^

  19. That’s my kinda pet rock 🙂

  20. Yay! for Huntsville, AL! I used to live in Decatur (about 30 minutes away). 🙂
    I love the artwork! I think my favorite is the painting of the cat posing with the dogs. 😀

  21. Grumpy Cat has a Posse

  22. Allison Mugnier says:

    Is the water tower grumpy cat for sale?

  23. kodalai says:

    The stained glass one is my favorite.

  24. Or maybe she’s a Direcat?

  25. Watercolour. Those eyes….they stare right into your soul :O

  26. Blue Footed Booby says:

    Since real world women couldn’t be knights, there isn’t really an gender-appropriate honorific. I’ve seen fantasy novels use “sir” for women because the only other options are to make something up out of whole cloth (which tends to sound dumb) or use “lady” (which doesn’t have the same impact).

    The stained glass is my favorite, but I also love the watertower. It’s perfect.

  27. littleflower says:

    Did no one notice tha cats portrayed in the background of the 4th artist (Denise) as demonic/demonic worshippers? me no likey…

  28. strawrose says:

    Is that art exhibition for me? Let me get the paint stripper.

  29. I saw them as sorcerers 😀