Eat. Play. Love.

Don’t you wish you could be Milo for a day? Be honest. You’d make that deal.

Get your Milo fix here.



  1. rescue gal says:

    I need many, many more pictures of Milo’s fabulous little tushy. In return I will send Milo a food dish of proper size.

  2. Oh. My. God.

  3. Thank You ! I thought the same thing .

  4. sabrina rose says:

    That little squeak! A warm cuddly ball of fluff that squeaks for his dinner!!

  5. Rachael says:

    I just love the earnestness with which he approaches mealtime. And I agree, the boy needs a bigger bowl. But the cuteness is world class.

  6. fleurdamour says:

    I would let Milo shed white fur all over my black dress. He’s a perfect little living stuffed animal.

  7. lisaLASSIE says:

    Do I want to “be” Milo for a day? NO. I want to HAVE Milo all day every day.