A Half-Caff Kitteh If You Please

Purr-fect for your Sunday morning- a copy of the NY Times and a kitteh latte. “I found this on my local public radio’s web site. The latte artist is Kazuki Yamamoto, and it appears he provided the photos.” -Cuteporter Serenpoly.




  1. poniesss says:

    Oh lordy, is that Nyanko-sensei I see?! Woohoo, go Natsume Yuujinchou!

  2. Yea… I would probably end up staring at that until the foam collapsed…

  3. emmberrann says:


  4. I’d totally snarf this down. In my own internal rock-paper-scissors rules for daily life, if you’re both cat and mocha, MOCHA WINS.

  5. …although I’d still include hovertext… 😉

  6. The cup and saucer are gorgeous, too!

  7. Maybe it was a game of mocha-cat-hovertext. MmmHmmm?

  8. SlaveToCat says:

    Based on the grin, I think the kitty just carbonated your beverage.

  9. Great minds think alike!

  10. fleurdamour says:

    Meowcha catpuccino!

  11. kodalai says:

    It’s probably a more general maneki neko (on which Nyanko-sensei’s character design is based) than that character specifically.

  12. Actually, it’s a mewcaccino

  13. 😯

  14. now WHY can’t MY coffees ever be this darling? I would gladly pay 5 bucks then stare at the foam feline until my drink was cold. A certain Seatle chain (ahem) that provides my daily stream of caffeine is NEVER this good. & “Mewcaccino”–YES! props on that woid.

  15. Mmmm, I’d say that’s Nyanko-sensei, based on the two-color forehead and the lines by the eyes. And even if it wasn’t meant to be, I’ll say “Yay Nyanko-sensei!” It’s just where he’d be, anyway. XD

  16. [SNORF]

  17. Same here 😀