B’Arrrk! I’m Commandeering This Boat!

Avast! This pond is not big enough for the three of us!

Kanga, the Boston Terrier on the High Seas (name of boat I’m guessing) taken in Blacksburg, VA, by mom, Shannon C.



  1. Shiver me timbers !!! Love the built in eye patch on the “high seas” capt. ! Arrrrrrg!

  2. Let’s dress up and throw all the tea overboard!

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Ahoy, Captain Kanga-roo!

  4. YAY so glad to see a photo, of a BOSTIE no less, from a place right next to my old hometowne.

    P.S. My Boston would NEVER be caught anywhere near water. Too wet for her dainty lil’ paws.