Everybody Duck!

Watch this little motorin’ yellow ball of CHEEP go after this defenseless puppeh. #Relentless.

Spotted on Cuteroulette.com, and posted on The Tube by NeilB2.



  1. baileysgrandmom says:

    RELENTLESS: n. …see “duckling” for example.

  2. That is some sort of super, non-giving-up, ducklet. With that kind of moxie, he’ll be at the top of the food chain real soon.

  3. Kyle Reese: Listen, and understand. That terminator is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

  4. Jimbeaux says:

    I’ve got a ’nuff’ that I’m gonna keep to myself, because they’re both such charming and adorable animals. Hugs for both!


  6. Part of me feels sorry for the confused doglet who keeps saying “stop! stop!” but the duckling doesn’t stop .. and part of me feels sorry for the ducking who, I think, is just trying to snuggle with the closest critter that she probably thinks is her mom. I hope they worked it out ..

  7. My feelings exactly!

  8. Jimbeaux says:

    Amusingly, I got moderated for -not- saying that out loud. Still, lovely li’l cheepy and puppeh!

  9. kibblenibble says:

    Me, three.

  10. poniesss says:

    This baby ducky is a puppy-herder in the making…

  11. “Are you my Mom??!!??”

  12. “For the last time, kid, I’m not your mother!”

  13. The Original Jane says:

    Me too. But in the end I decided I feel more sorry for the ducky baby. Another calmer doggie would just lay down and let the ducky snorgle with it.

  14. fleurdamour says:

    They’re both gonna need therapy.

  15. Michael says:

    A while ago we had a cat in a similar situation. The dog is not enduring the consequences of inadvertent imprinting with nearly the same stolid, long-suffering patience. Also, I guess we should be glad of this, but have we really bred so much of the wolf our of our dogs that they don’t recognize a walking Chicken McNugget for what it is, and take appropriate action? Doggie could end the ordeal with one snap, but chooses not to. And, for duckie’s sake, I’m glad.

  16. Duckzilla.

  17. Wow the dog is annoying.


  18. Me *counts* five… Also dog seems quite excited/agitated and one playful chomp could be bad for small wee duck.

  19. JenDeyan says:

    Nice one!

  20. JenDeyan says:

    That’s really terrifying is the relentless peeping! Nice set of lungs on that little duckling.

  21. I kept thinking, the poor lil duckie is just saying, “Are you my mommy?”

  22. “Luke, I’m your FATHER!”

  23. fleurdamour says:

    Tenacious D(uckling)

  24. Where is the CAT (Claws And Teeth) when you need him??

  25. If I could upvote this comment, I would.