Psst…Hey Buddy! Wanna See A Live Duck Cam?

makewayforducklingsOf course you do. So, here.

From Cuteporter Frannie O.: “We have a duck nesting outside the library! Watch along with us! A couple of the names we have for her are Marian The Librarian and J. G. Mallard. At the Coralville Public Library in Coralville, Iowa.” (Population 15,123.)

Streaming Live by Ustream



  1. Put it back online already!

  2. Dispose says:


  3. Whew ! I thought it was just me & my computer !

  4. stunbunny says:

    Wait- there’s a duck on the Cayman Islan- oh. I see.

  5. look at all that floof!!

  6. awwww… sleeping duckie! Wish I was snuggled up at home sleeping – cool and rainy here.

  7. Gangewifre says:

    omg i just want to nestle in with this lovely mama. ❤

  8. She looks very tired and like she could maybe use some ice cream.

  9. skippymom says:

    There is a little garden area right outside my office window that would be perfect for a duck nest. So why, I must ask, is there in fact no duck nesting there? This is just not fair.

  10. Theresa says:

    Madame Librarian!

  11. 260Oakley says:

    I love a good duckumentary.

  12. Rachael says:

    Score! 🙂

    I can’t see the live stream thingie but hopefully it will come back on. I need some ducks, dammit! 🙂

  13. She’s sleeping right now, so you’re not missing much action at this time. 🙂

  14. Growing up, I actually used to have a pet duck. And, yes, she did like ice cream!
    Her name was “Quacker-roo”… (Hey, what do you think? I was in early grade school at the time.) We called her simply, “Quack” for short. I miss her. ::sniffle::

  15. I live in Iowa City (right next to Coralville) and there is a duck nesting outside of the University of Iowa’s studio arts building. People leave her snacks (English muffins) and water. She seems pretty happy!

  16. How did English Muffins become the snack of choice?!

  17. They were out of crumpets.

  18. maxtben1 says:

    Love this right on the eve of mother’s day. How sweet!

  19. *shudder*

  20. Mamabear says:

    What is wrong with me?! I just keep coming back to this post to check in on mama. I have 1001 things I HAVE to do and here I am…checking on mama. *runs to finish errands*

  21. Frannie O. says:

    Want to vote on a name? You can do it right here:

    Thanks for watching!

  22. what happened? did the eggs hatch? where is she? I miss her!

  23. When did she start nesting? I think 28 days is the total. What was the first day???