Undercover With Monkey Pants

Bring me the food, Carol. If you place any value on this comforter, you’ll do as I say.

Carol B. says, “Monkey Pants demonstrating Rule #26 – he burrows under the blankets. Sometimes during the day I can’t find him until I investigate the lumps under the comforter. I sent my camera in periscope style and got these undercover shots.”


  1. best cat name ever

  2. My neighbor-cat Marley does this too.

    Sometimes, in the fall, the old fella (10 yo) comes by the house (he knows how to open the screen door) and buries himself in my bed to get warm. More than once I’ve locked up the house for the night and gone off to bed only to find him deeply asleep under the covers, right in the middle of the be.

    I gave up a couple years ago trying to get him to go home. I just try to not wake him and in the morning he paces around my head and nuzzles my face until I get up and let him out.

  3. Glare of doom!!!

  4. Blue Footed Booby says:

    My (former) roommate’s cat did this in my boxspring. Getting her out so I can close the door and not get my junk stomped on during the night was a regular part of my evening routine.
    1. brush teeth
    2. wash face
    3. extract cat

  5. Saffron says:


  6. Coffee Cup says:

    Mine does this too. In fact, one day I couldn’t find him anywhere in the house and didn’t think to look under the blankets. I finally went back to my room and saw one tiny little paw sticking out from one of the blankets on the bed.

  7. Aw, you;re a good neighbor!


  9. Agreed. Apparently he likes your house better, maybe you should “keep” him. 🙂

  10. Earlier this week I woke up with a warm spot against my belleh, one of my “kids” had gotten under the blankest & curled up against my belleh with out waking me up & stayed asleep till I woke up & discovered him. then he decided it was breakfast time & nobody was allowed to go back to sleep..

  11. Love the photo and adorable cat!!!

  12. I try to look out for him. He’s a cool little dude. And your right, I’ve thought about accidentally keeping him. Especially when he’s left out on colder nights.

  13. Yeah, I accidentally kept a kitten once, who is now my youngest, about 6 years old, Libby. At the time she was about 6 wks old, out on her own, hungry, dirty, flea-infested and screaming her little head off. I found out she “belonged” to the kids living in an apt next door, who had a baby (kids having kids…), and apparently thought 6 wk old kittens could fend for themselves outside, and so just left their window screen open for her to come and go. So after I accidentally kept her (heh heh), I hoped they never saw her sitting in one of my windows. 🙂 But they soon moved on…

  14. I’m amazed by you! You’re good peeps jnyjny

  15. Lol. Is this a tabby thing? My friend’s cat would do this all the time…You’d just see a lump moving up and down in the comforter. He too was a tabby. He also loved to run all over me while I was trying to sleep…in the middle of the night.

  16. I have a black cat who does it. 🙂

  17. skippymom says:

    That’s how I got Skippy!!! He lived two houses down the street, but decided he would prefer to move in with me. I had no choice but to let him.

  18. skippymom says:

    Yeah, Skippy’s original “owners” let him out at all hours and in all weathers when he was still a kitten. They also got a Rottweiler, which really motivated him to cease living with them. (I have nothing against Rottweilers, but Skippy chose not to cohabit with the dog.)

  19. skippymom says:

    Eddy is gray and he does it.

  20. Ah. So it’s just a “cat” thing. Although…dogs like hiding under comforters too…maybe not to spring attack, but to snuggle. At least that’s what Shakti did as a pup.

  21. “I mock you with my monkey pants”

  22. Coffee Cup says:

    I think it’s just a cat thing. I have a tabby and he does it a lot. I have to keep the door closed so he doesn’t come in and wake me up but he just does it anyway by scratching at the door until I open it.

  23. Maybe it’s just a living-being thing. I’d like to sleep under the covers all day if I could.

  24. I have a tuxedo kitteh and she does it…… (I have endlessly wondered:
    How does she breathe, under a sheet, a comforter, and a blanket….???) 🙄

  25. I had a Siamese that found a loose spot in the muslin covering on the bottom of the box spring and would climb in and sort of lie there as if in a hammock.

  26. skippymom says:

    My Chloe does that. Until I found her hidey-hole I used to run around the house screaming her name and the boys would look at me as though I was crazy.

  27. I have completely ripped off the covering underneath both of the box springs in my house. Several of my cats get up in there and hide when other people are in the house. And this way, I can count them and know where they are.

  28. And really, you haven’t been stomped on (junk or non-junk areas) until you’re stomped on by a cat.

  29. palooza says:

    I call my cats Monkey Pants all the time! I have no idea why – glad I’m not the only silly one.

  30. carol B says:

    That’s exactly right, Susan 🙂

  31. 😆 One spoiled rotten kitty, but who does not spoil their kitties 😆