SOS: Save Our Sloths!

GHXiP5YCuteporter Becky C. fills us in: “I work at the Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica and we desperately need help in order to continue our work rescuing sloths. We’ve recently launched the Save Our Sloths campaign to try and raise enough funds to return rescued baby sloths to the wild. There is lots more information on our campaign page!” (Becky also supplied these photos late last night. Awesome.)













  1. Count me in, heading over to contribute to this most worthwhile (and super-cute) cause!

  2. happier than a sloth in a basket of stuffies

    (mandolin music)

  3. oh just take all my moneys!

  4. They have the cutest smiles. Like dolphins…they must know something we don’t.

  5. the amount of licking, noming, and snuggling in the 2nd pic is just amazing

  6. bluebird says:

    Oh, babies.

  7. Ffanffan says:

    Anyone watched the Croods….I want the last one to be my belt!!

  8. Mamabear says:

    I wish sloths the very best, but they sorta give me the willies. I don’t know why, perhaps it’s those scary claws or that they moooove soooo sloooowly (you just expect it to go like a horror movie and suddenly they’re on you!). I’m OK with them just sitting there in pictures, but if there’s video of them or if I ever met one in real life, all bets are off. This little fella pretty much has the same sentiments about meeting Eeyore as I do about sloths:

  9. ceejoe says:

    lol, geez, over-react much??

  10. Alice Shortcake says:

    Cannibalism has never looked cuter!

  11. 1. The last pic is THE home-run winner! How much more adorable can a sloth get?
    2. My son-in-law worked on The Croods, and the littler girl was his design. Just sayin’.

  12. Sharon Wilson says:

    Liddle slothee nibbling on his clawsies!! 🙂

  13. twocityshibas says:

    Sloth belleh!!

  14. The photo highlights missed the one on the top left 😉

  15. The Wizards of Awwws

  16. Isn’t that the Princess Bride music? Now I’m going to have that in my head all day 🙂

  17. My thoughts exactly!

  18. They were just pointing out noms 🙂

  19. The sloth is my favorite Central American animal and also by far my favorite cardinal sin 😆

  20. John B Hodges says:

    I read an article in some magazine, NatGeographic or Nat Hist, or some such, a naturalist posted somewhere who adopted a sloth. Said they would be the ideal pet, except for two things: they can’t take cold weather at all, and they have weak immune systems, so they are vulnerable to diseases in crowded places.
    A mundane detail, for y’all’s info… they are naturally housebroken, they only “go” when it’s raining. So once a day you take them out to the clothesline and let them hang from it, then you take a hose and spray upwards, so the drops fall on them like rain.
    They are curious and companionable, not terribly active, noisy, or playful.

  21. Rachael says:

    I’m so in love with sloths that all my co-workers make fun of me. Of course I will make a donation – I couldn’t live with myself if I didn’t.

  22. whovian says:


  23. I worked at this sloth sanctuary in 2010. Perhaps they have changed their practices since then, but at that time they did not release the majority of sloths they took in. Many of the animals that came to the sanctuary were brought by well-intended tourists who found the sloths crossing roads and assumed they were injured. Healthy animals WERE rereleased, but injured animals that came in and underwent rehabilitation were NOT ever returned to the wild. Orphaned infants were NEVER returned to the wild. They DO take decent care of their animals, but it is a facility that collects sloths and rarely returns them to their natural habitat. The sanctuary is run by non-professionals who do not have backgrounds in animal science/husbandry/welfare, etc. I’m not saying don’t donate, but do some research and be aware of what you’re giving to.

  24. The above info states that they are raising money in order to make it possible to return them to the wild, I don’t think they are pretending to be anything they are not. Are there some sort of “sloth experts” they can contact to help? I’m sure if they’re using the equipment they talk about, they are consulting with animal scientists.

  25. 😯 What if it never rains for several days???

  26. SarahTheEntwife says:

    I think that’s the point of this whole fundraiser — they *want* to start returning orphaned sloths to the wild, but don’t currently have the capabilities to do so safely and need to learn more about how sloths survive in the wild in order to properly re-adapt the hand-raised sloths.

  27. Laura DragonWench says:

    Where can I sign up to adopt a sloth? More importantly, where can I sign up to adopt the sloth in the last picture? Me wants!

  28. Thank you for supporting the sloths! If you would like to make a donation and help us to return these animals to the wild, please ensure it is through the indiegogo campaign page and NOT the sloth sanctuary website. We need to keep the donations for this project separate from general sanctuary expenses! Thank you xx

  29. zizzley says:

    No, no, no. This just isn’t true. They do NOT “only go when it’s raining”. That’s ridiculous. No one should be encouraged to keep wild animals as pets! GAH!

  30. Cristine says: