And Now it’s Time for Funny Faces with Hedgies

The best part of your day!

Chance, wants to know who put pickles in his bug sandwich!? “Bleagh!”

Loki, after losing another battle with the toilet paper tube, wonders if a face lift would be a good idea.

Gretchen, has been watching too many of those pirate movies again.

Top pic: “Hi! I have a silly picture of my little hedgehog, Chance, that you may
enjoy. He is 4 years old, and very entertaining. I have more pictures of
my hedgehogs on my blog, ooo shiny object. Hope you
like it!!” -Larissa W.
Middle pic: Loki on Tumblr
Bottom pic: “I caught my hedgehog, Gretchen, making this silly face!” -Becca H.



  1. fleurdamour says:

    Loki has a bit of a quill-hawk going on.

  2. Ida know, I think Loki would do better with weight-loss surgery than a facelift.

  3. The photo of Gretchen is hilarious!

  4. Loki kind of reminds me of Jabba!

  5. I actually hear that a lot (Loki is my hedgehog)!
    The last picture is hilarious!

  6. He losses an argument with a tp roll? Ouch.

  7. He never plays with tp rolls, he isn’t interested in them (the text is made up by the poster here on CO, I guess). He is more fond of shoes!